09/16/2010 1:59PM

Questions, Comments, Past Performance Requests (Part 1)


Let's get to your questions, comments, and past performance requests (so massive that this will be Part 1 of 2).


Would you mind posting PP's for Officer? Thanks!

Officer's past performances are available at the bottom of this blog posting.


Hey Dan, please, could you post the past performances of the winners of the KY Derby, Preakness, Belmont, Haskell and Travers? Thanks!
Could you please post the pps of these recent retired champs: Karelian, Kane Hekili, Midshipman, Dar Re Mi and thes stallions Devil's Bag and The Green Monkey? thank you in advance!

Those Past performances are available under the "Top 3yos" header at the bottom of the blog posting


Thanks for the status update on Misremembered and Mona de Momma. I have not been able to find the Disabled List since the site upgrade!
Any info on the following horses?
3 yo filly Amen Hallelujah- 2nd in the Acorn
sprinter Custom for Carlos;
and Presious Passion- any word if he will return to racing?
Thanks! (and how can I find the Disabled List!)

From the "Inside Post" blog on 6/5/10:

Custom for Carlos, the 5-2 morning-line favorite for today's True North Handicap, was injured in his stall last night and has been scratched.
'We're not sure how it happened, but he tore a piece of the hoof wall off a front leg," said trainer Eddie Kenneally. "He'll be fine, but he will have to miss a couple days of training and is out of the race."

Custom for Carlos breezed three furlongs in 37.25 at Saratoga's Oklahoma Training Track  on August 5, but hasn't worked since. 

From Mike Farrell posted on 7/8/10:

The winner of the last two runnings of the Grade 1 United Nations Stakes will not defend his title on Saturday at Monmouth Park, and trainer Mary Hartmann said the 7-year-old gelding is getting a freshening at a private farm in nearby Colts Neck, N.J.
Presious Passion did not run well in his last two races, finishing 16th in the Dubai Sheema Classic on March 27 and seventh in the Monmouth Stakes on June 12.
“Physically, he’s fine,” Hartmann said. “He just didn’t seem to be on his game. I wouldn’t send him out and embarrass him.”
This could be the first extended break for Presious Passion, a career winner of over $2.6 million. There is no target date for a return.
Hartmann said Presious Passion had brief turnouts in the past but never seemed comfortable on a farm. She is hopeful the gelding will have a more relaxing experience this time.“Generally, he doesn’t like the farm,” Hartmann said. “This is right here, and I can visit often. If he doesn’t like the farm, he rest here back at the track.”
In addition to a second U.N. victory, Presious Passion had a banner year in 2009. He also won the Grade 1 Clement Hirsch Stakes and ran second in the Breeders’ Cup Turf, beaten a half-length by Conduit.

Presious Passion is back in training.  He worked five furlongs in 1:04.00b at Monmouth on September 8, and then breezed a mile in 1:44.20 at Monmouth on Tuesday morning.

As for the Disabled List, I've fallen behind since Saratoga and am feverishly trying to catch up.  When I'm up to date, and it still may be a bit of time before that happens, I'll post a link to the blog.  Until then, if you have a question about a particular horse, post it to the blog, and I'll do my best to find out the story.


The Del Mar Derby made me think of a horse a previous winner in the early 90's: Guide. I thought he was gfoing to be a good one. Any idea what happened to him and PP's please. Thanks

Guide's past performances are available at the bottom of this blog posting.  I'm not sure what happened with Guide, and that's one of the many problems this industry must solve.  When a horse is retired, the Jockey Club should be notified where that horse is headed.   Obviously, keeping track of thousands of horses would be problematic, but the public deserves to know the fate of their favorite runners.  With some of these old geldings, we hope for the best and assume the worst, and that's just not right.


In honor of the passing of Greinton this past week, could we please have his past performances, and just for fun, how about Precisionist's as well. Those two had the California rivalry of the mid-80's. That '85 Charles H Strub Stakes where Precisionist hung a half a lip on Greinton at the wire is truly one of the best races I ever saw live. Precisionist swept the Strub Series in that race back when that series really meant something.

The past performances of Greinton and Precisionist are available at the bottom of this blog posting.


Can you please post some pp's on: Alla Breva, Stormy Atlantic, Stalwart Member and Fit to Fight?

You can access those past performances under the "Oldtimers" header at the bottom of this blog posting.


Jeffrey, come on in the waters fine. Watch out for the Aligators though. The cheap claimers have always treated me better than the good ones. I named my daughter after one of them. Maybe Longshot Dan can find the PP's for Restage, one that my buddies and I used to make a habit out of on the socal circuit ?

Restage's past performances are at the bottom of this blog posting.


PS: DAN, if you get a chance can I get a PP for Bartlett Kid (1994)?

By know, you know where they are.

Here are the top 25 Winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's racing action:

Gayego's past performances are available below.


Back with Part 2 in a day or two.


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Papa Bear More than 1 year ago
Can you tell me the status of 4yoc Misremembered. Also where do I find a "Disabled List'?
Mike A More than 1 year ago
Blackstone....... My uncle always taught me, success is measured by what you give back. It's why the winner buys and why, as my uncle always said " God's a busy man....or woman if you're so inclined, He cannot keep track of everyone in need, so he occasionally waves his hand to the wind, if that wind should touch you and good fortune befall you, it's on your honor to spread that good fortune to the ones the wind did not touch". My uncle always did this, I liken him to someone caught in a windstorm.......lucky guy to say the least. I've had a favorable wind blow my way, I'm just waving it around. I'll look for your email....I've missed them. Curt....,.,ah my friend, I like being at the track, I hate betting early at OTB or online. Why?? Because what the KYL syndicate mentioned, The courses were playing to speed and I wasn't. I'll take it a step further though......it wasn't playing to speed as much as it was playing to the inside. If you look at the races yesterday you'll see, except for Man Of Danger in the 9th, everyone broke from and stayed on the inside. No one came the overland route.....well they did, but caved in the process. Even Man Of Danger breaking from the 7 slot managed to get over and ride the two path. If you were wide yesterday, say from the 4 path out, you get extra points next time. I am confusing......I'll talk about everyone in the race, often giving pros and cons, much as Laura does in the chat room on Fridays. I usually don't make up my mind till 5 minutes out, unless it's a horse I went to the track to bet in particular. If you listen to me it would sound like I love every horse, Mickey has learned to look passed what I say and ask me directly "who do you like"? Then I'll answer, usually as I'm getting up to go to the window. My uncle always taught me to keep my picks to myself, my winnings to myself......you may know I won, but you'll never know how much and to basically keep a low profile. My uncle always said it shows a certain amount of class and what it takes to be a gentleman. There is one thing I've never been able to keep under wraps, When I win I smile a lot, big grin.......Cheshire Cat stuff. Can't help it, Mike A
Whackymacky More than 1 year ago
Sorry if you studied the Belmont Card!!! Off the Turf and so far 35 SCRATCH'S!!!!!!!! You might get lucky with some of the Horses that are drawing in. Good Luck!!! Whackymacky Out!!!
Whackymacky More than 1 year ago
Good Morning All... Looking to possibly make the big jump into ownership!!!! Friend is at the Keeneland Sales and looking for a 4th in a partnership. We are talking some good size $$ here. He is looking at the following one to bid on: Hip #242 Colt by Awesome Again with the Dam being Voodoo Dancer. Starting at $220,000. The Consignor is Three Chimney Sales. A total of 4 people would be in the group. That would be $55K just to start!!! If the bidding get's going, who know's what could happen. He said that this Colt is a MONSTER!!! He is registered and has a farm in KY. This would be my friend. I think that I would rather bid on some smaller priced one's and go for some base hits instead of going for the home run right out of the gate. Any thoughts?? It sounds like fun to me, but that is a lot of money with more to follow. Hey Dan, how about a 5th?? Interested?? Whackymacky out!!!
blackstone More than 1 year ago
Jeffrey Great quote-thank you. Could have been written by my wife (of 42 yrs) as she believes I am given who I'm married to. I'm amazed Annie has posted something to you-she will. Good luck this weekend.
blackstone More than 1 year ago
Mike A Good job on Martinez ("in the mail"). May have an angle on Sunday related to all this-I'll email you late tomorrow (Mickey too, of course). I'm excited about Woodbine on Sunday as well, although that's not the angle. Kind of like tomorrow's feature at Belmont too.
knm More than 1 year ago
Dan, Is there a site for Breeders' Cup 2010 that lists the probable entries? Or the horses most likely to enter the various events? I suppose it's a bit early for actual nominees, but perhaps there is a list of trainers that are thinking of certain races for some of their charges.
knm More than 1 year ago
Dan & Laura, Thank you both for the websites you've provided.
Laura More than 1 year ago
aparagon4u You can find all of the BC Stats for previous races, including charts here: http://www.breederscup.com/statsbios.aspx but I didn't find any PP's. You can at lesat see how Euros and others did over the years. KNM, Here's a link to the BC Home Page of Divisions: http://www.breederscup.com/divisions.aspx The Bloodhorse has a section of BC divisions as does Horse Racing Nation.com bluegrassbada$$ I like your assessment of the sales, but I noted a few things I thought I'd mention. Hard Spun - I took a good look at his babies at the Saratoga sale. His offspring didn't seem all that impressive up close. They were smallish, plain looking sprint types. Not all that pretty and easy to overlook. I think he'll get some flash in the pan sprinters early, not sure about their staying power. Corinthian - Most of his babies looked just like their daddy, the famous Pulpit temperament included. Big flashy chestnuts. I expect he'll be a very good sire. I love Arch offspring as many look like daddy and can run over anything. His babies were very impressive in the ring and I think he's an overlooked sire. I'm waiting for the Ghostzapper's to do well as they age and he'll have a big horse in the handicap division one year. I think the expectations for his two year olds were premature, given that most of their pedigrees are those of late-maturing two turn types. Awesome Again is a sturdy sire, but it took him awhile to catch on too. Sales prices are all over the place. Some babies sell for silly amounts of money that will likely never be recouped on or off the track, while other babies, just as well bred, can be had for the price of a cheap claimer. This morning, I was sorely tempted to bid on an Empire Maker colt out of a Deputy Minister mare who left the ring after the top bid of $1,000. Yep, not a typo. Doubt he met his reserve. Laura CAPTCHA: 88 Inalivia - Bet the #8 horse, Inalivia? Let me do a horse search...here it is, - 50-1! LOL
knm More than 1 year ago
Mike A, I'll be watching for your thoughts on Sunday's WO card. The weather forecast is for rain Saturday night, clearing Sunday. Hopefully, sunny. I will be going to the track early on Sunday morning, so I hope you post your analysis Saturday, LOL!