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Let's get to some questions.

For last week's Beyer report, head over to this link:



I'm getting excited for this years Cigar Mile. 3yo's once again look to rule the roost but Bribon and Kodiak Kowboy won't be pushovers. Would you be willing to post the pp's for the 2007 Cigar Mile? That was the last renewal of the race that featured a really hot 3yo against an equally hot older male.

Here are the past performances for the November 24, 2007 Cigar Mile followed by the chart of the race:

Download CigarMile2007PP's

Download CigarMile2007Chart


Dan or Anyone
Do you have any data on a Trainer named Philip Jones? He has a horse in tomorrow's 7th at CD-Jerry Barry Jack.  The trainer's record for the year-1 start, 1 win, the horse-guess who- the odds-98 to 1. Uh oh. Related to Larry Jones maybe? 

According to the DRF database, Phillip Jones has a lifetime record of 57 starts with 3 wins, 2 seconds, and 7 thirds for a 5% win rate and a ROI of $4.80.  Jerry Barry Jack is his first starter since 2004, and first winner since 2002.


Dan or anyone,
Did Joel Rosario ever get his day before the stewards for his "questionable ride"?  My memory tells me it was scheduled for the first week of October.
Ron Zuercher

From Jay Privman's article on 12/20/09 on drf.com:

"A long-delayed hearing into charges by the California Horse Racing Board that jockey Joel Rosario "did not put forward his best effort riding his horse to the finish line" in a race at Del Mar on Sept. 6 began Thursday at Hollywood Park. But testimony dragged and only three witnesses were called in nearly two hours before the hearing was adjourned until Dec. 3.
Luis Jauregui, a former jockey who is now the local safety steward, testified as a witness for the racing board, while retired Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens - now a trainer - and Darrell Haire, the Western regional manager for the Jockeys' Guild, testified on behalf of Rosario.
The charges were filed by the state racing board more than two months ago, following a complaint by John Glenney, who trains and co-owns Cedros, Rosario's mount in the 11th race on Sept. 6. According to the race's official chart, Cedros "fell back some leaving the second turn and angled in, continued along the rail in the stretch and was edged for the show." He finished a head behind the third-place finisher, Never.
Glenney at the time said that Vic Stauffer, Rosario's agent, called him after the race and inquired whether Cedros was for sale.
"After an exchange of unpleasantries, a remark was made as to whether Mr. Glenney would sell the horse," Kenneth Jones, the attorney general prosecuting the case, said during his opening remarks Thursday. "We are not presenting this case as involving a larger conspiracy. The focus is on the ride in question."
After viewing video of the race from several angles, Jauregui testified that, in his opinion, Rosario "wasn't giving it down the lane."
Stevens said he thought Cedros "was green, lacking experience," and cited several points in the race where he believed Cedros was trying to lug in.
Tom Ward, Ingrid Fermin, and Scott Chaney were the stewards at Del Mar this summer. Ward and Chaney are stewards at Hollywood Park this fall, along with Randy Winick. Chaney is scheduled to testify as a witness at the hearing. Ward was not put on the panel by the racing board. The stewards hearing the case are Winick, along with Albert Christiansen and Kim Sawyer, both of whom are currently working at Los Alamitos


I know this might be "off" topic a bit...but is there any reason why my $7 DRF print version does not have any Churchill past performances?  Now NO OFFENSE to anyone on here who supports the following tracks...BUT...we hardly ever blog about Philadelphia or Laurel (because outside of the occassional big race..there is nothing to talk about)..you could probably throw in a few otehrs as well..but to leave the track with 1 of the only 4 graded races for Saturday, out of print, I think is ridiculous.

Couldn't agree with you more.  I'll bring it up with the Circulation Department, and see what they have to say about changing things up.


How does the DRF choose who will be their public handicappers for each track? There is a guy named Rich Wroble who was added to the Brad Free southern Cal circuit at the beginning of this year. I don't usually pay attention to touts but Mr. Wroble proved his handicapping abilities many many times. His best bet (printed in bold) was almost never the favorite and would run bang up races with incredible consistency.
He was the only DRF tout I'd pay attention to, and suddenly I realize he's been replaced. He isn't doing any of the other tracks. How do you suggest someone like me to make my feelings known? Besides this post, of course.
Just as a reference - here are some of R. Wroble's best bets - just the ones that quickly come to mind.
Tapitsfly - BC Juv Fill Turf 1st 8-1
Internallyflawless - DM Oaks 1st 6-1
Premier Flyer- DM maiden 1st 7-1
Informed Decision- FM Sprint 1st 4-1
He is a talented handicapper and it would be a shame if he has been let go.

Not to worry, Rich is alive, doing fine, and back from a well-deserved vacation.  I've had the pleasure to work with Rich ever since I started with the DRF, and the man is a wealth of information.  I'm proud and honored to call him a mentor and friend, and he's back as "Hermis" for Wednesday's Hollywood card (Tactful is his Best Bet in the seventh race). 
One of Rich's pearls of wisdom that I'll never forget is "Less pedigree, more trips."  He's a true expert on Southern California racing, has been for years, and always has his eyes on the replays. 
When I worked for the paper side, the public handicapper duties would be doled out, by track, on a daily basis by the supervisor.  People usually remained in the same sectors, but vacation days, sick days, etc. have a way of changing things up a bit.


A mention was made of Laura's "chat." When does this usually take place and where?

The next handicapping chat will be on Friday, November 27 at 9:30 PM EST. We'll cover graded stakes races from around the country. If the handigambling race isn't a graded stakes, I'll be happy to include it.
Chat and Steve T.'s Hollywood picks can be found here:

I'll do my best to attend the chat on Friday night as this weekend's racing looks really fantastic.  Hope to see you all there.


Can anyone tell me what "Add Adjunct" means?

It's a term for additional anti-bleeding medications for horses that supposedly "bleed through Lasix."  These medications are noted in some racing jurisdictions in the program by the 'A' next to the 'L' for Lasix. 


Dan, are there PPs created for ancestor horses like Eclipse?  Is there a written record describing the races run? If so I'd like to see how they stack up against the career PPs for Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta regarding distances raced, surfaces, etc.

Many of those horses are simply too old for the database I use to create past performances, but the Champions book from DRF Press (available at the below link) is a fun resource for old school pp's for comparison purposes:



HG 160
$15 Tri Box 3-8-10
$5 Tri 10-3-8
$5 Tri 10-8-3

Congratulations to Bear for finishing first in last week's HandiGambling exercise.  He selects the Clark Handicap at Churchill Downs on Friday for this week's race.  Here are the past performances:

Download HG161

Remember that you have a mythical $100 with which to wager on the race, and the entrant with the highest money total will receive a "Monthly Enhanced 60-Card Past Performance Plan."   Anyone going over the $100 limit will be disqualified.  In the event of a tie, the earliest post gets first preference.  Past performances are available on the previous blog entry.

I know that there is a time issue for some of you, but let's remember why we began the HandiGambling races in the first place.  The goal was to share ideas on why we like these horses, and why we're betting them the way we are.  I'm not asking for a novel, but if you could spare a sentence or two outlining your handicapping angles, and thought processes about wagering, it would be appreciated.


Have a great Thanksgiving!