05/31/2008 5:48PM

Post Mortem


Nothing longer than a fifth choice won in Saturday's pick-six sequence at Belmont, but all six favorites lost, leading to a fat $186,012 payoff for three bettors who put the six tricky but not impossible winners on the same ticket. Just over $696k was wagered on top of the $166k double-carry from Thursday's and Friday's cards.

The rain came but only briefly, turning the main track sloppy with a 20-minute burst of biblical proportions before the second race. The grass courses probably needed the water and were close to firm, producing times of 1:10.78, 1:08.94 and 1:09.19 in the three turf sprints that began the sequence.

I stayed barely alive through those first three legs, where Prime Obession ($14.80/5th choice), Cannonball ($11.00/3rd) and Beware Ceasar ($10.60/4th) thinned the competition but also thinned me down to a 2x2x1 that pitched a shutout the rest of the way. Typhoon Tycoon ($25.00/4th) and Raw Silk ($18.80/4th) ran the five-race parlay up to $50,691 and set up the following will-pays going into the finale:

#7- $111,607
#9- $186,012
#3, 8- $558.037
#1,4,5- carryover

That worked out to five winners to the #7, three to the #9 and one each to the 3 and 8. I'm guessing that means five different live tickets, as follows:

#7 only - two
#7 and 9 - two
#3,7,8,9 - one

In any case, nothing personal against those five players, but I rooted as best I could for a 1, 4 or 5 and a $558k triple-carry into Sunday but the three outsiders trailed and second-choice #9 Piper's Fort ($8.80) won off for the $186k payoff. Consos were worth $1,097, small consolation for the two ticketholders that singled the runner-up favorite in the finale.

Still Fuming More than 1 year ago
Hey pacehandicapper: I'm 64. Been watching and betting races since I was 30. I have been dignosed insane by my Wife, but, wouldn't expect it response to my opinion which I think I am entitled to just as you are. I think K.D.should have let him run his race period. Pulling up a healthy horse like he did when he did, is like stopping a Roulette wheel before the ball stops bouncing. I guess I will move on to the Stephen Foster H.
PaceHandicapper More than 1 year ago
You are CRAZY if you think BB was going to finish 4th. To anyone who's watched a lot of races it was obvious at the 3/8ths pole he was going to be out of the super. Whatever happened happened, but Kent beating on him wasn't going to get him 4th.
Still Fuming More than 1 year ago
Ok. I read most of the comments regarding the Belmont. There seems to be 3 categories of postings. Some of you say KD did the right thing, the Horse had nothing left and he was right to pull him up. Others think, like Dutrow himself, that KD gave a bad ride and should have let the horse run. And still others suspect some kind of foul play. I guess we will never know. I haven’t seen any postings for a couple of days. Don’t laugh, but I am still “fuming”. I was one of those misguided Handicappers who had quite a few Trifecta and Superfecta boxes which did include BB. My opinion which I formed last Sat after watching the replays is this: I tend to lean toward the people who think KD should have let BB run his race and should not have pulled him up in the stretch. Looking at the replays for the first half mile or so, it seems to me BB was fighting KB and was trying to run. “Coming Home” KD had BB perfectly positioned and with clear path to the Finish Line to become one of the few Triple Crown Winners in the history of Horse Racing. Here is my peeve: Horse Racing does not exist without the Horse Bettor. No Gambling. No Horse Racing. No Sport of Kings. Without fools like me who bet on these beautiful animals, KD would have no job. Dutrow would be training Show Horses and IEHA would exist. So here it is: I think a Jockey needs to ride to achieve the best possible results in every race he runs. Its unfair to the bettor, the guy that makes it all possible, to do anything but that. For some reason or another KD pulled up the horse. I don’t think KD tried to achieve the best possible results and did not consider the bettor. He owes it to consider the bettor. I have a hard time believing that BB could not have at least gotten 4th if KD let him run. I wonder, when KD pulled up a (declared) healthy BB if he even thought about the Bettor? On the other hand, maybe he did have the Bettor, not me though, in mind.
Bryan More than 1 year ago
Where's the huge place and show payouts u normally see when a heavy favorite runs out of the money? Something stinks about this whole Belmont thing. I find it inconceivable that no large players bet heavily on Big Brown to place and show to trigger $100+ place and show payoffs for all of the top three horses. It just doesn't make sense.
Bill Grimley More than 1 year ago
Dennis, if all he's on is steroids, that would be very good news. Other than that, legal doses of steroids are widely used from what I can tell from the press.
geowarrior More than 1 year ago
Apparently Dutrow has told the press that Big Brown will not be racing the Belmont on steroids. He points out his successes in Dubai and says that in light of those he really doesn't need them. Since steroids take a while to get out of the system, it's too bad he didn't do that before the Derby. Dutrow has no human skills whatsoever, but I do believe he loves his horses and they love him. I saw a brief clip of him in the barn about to pet a horse, and the horse had a look of bliss on its face even before Dutrow touched it. He never runs them back too quickly. I also liked the fact that he said if the ownership decided to retire Big Brown after the Belmont, he wouldn't listen to them. Dutrow gets all the bad press, but Iaverone is by far the more dangerous character, IMO.
yuwipi More than 1 year ago
Apologies for the above post. The numbers didn't transfer in column. Looks like the Blomberg ticker on TV.
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
David, I feel your pain regarding BB's connections, but have taken some solace in rooting for the original owner, Paul Pompa, who turned down more money in order to retain a 25% interest. While the other connections have been marketing themselves, Mr. Pompa has been nothing but class. Imagine if he had sold out to Godolphin, in all liklihood this horse would be all but forgotten while waiting for his foot to heal in the desert, or running on the turf in Europe.
Ken More than 1 year ago
Anyone know if when or if there has been 2 undefeated horses running in the Belmont?
Former New Yorker More than 1 year ago
Not to get off subject but I just read the Office of NYC Mayor Bloomfield is stepping up their calls for a change to the way the NYCOTB revenue is distributed or he will make good on his threat to close the NYCOTB. Maybe I missing something, but hasn't New York racing been trying to get rid of the NY OTBs for the last 30 odd years. If Bloomberg does close NYCOTB, they should rename the Belmont Stakes the Bloomfield Stakes, because it would be a far bigger contribution to New York racing than anything the Belmont family did. (and that's saying alot)