07/19/2011 10:55PM

Playing the angle


Looking for a summer betting angle?

Del Mar is the right place in 2011.

The track will award $1,000 and a 20 percent bonus on earnings (excluding stakes) to any runner whose previous start was outside California. The horse cannot have raced in California for the same owner in the last six months.

The bonus applies only to the shipper’s first start at Del Mar, not subsequent starts.

Therefore, shippers run for the highest prize money in the first start of the meet. That means it should be a “go” first out. The first race of summer will be the most lucrative of summer.

For example, if shipper Kettle Corn wins race 1, he will earn a $7,800 bonus in addition to the $39,000 first-place purse. The incentive is attractive.

That means no “practice run” for shippers, no spin-around-the-track-get-familiar-with-the-surface prep race. Of course, for the angle to make sense, the assumption must be made the horse’s connections have placed the horse at a realistic level.

That seems to be the case for most shippers at Del Mar on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if any win.

It will be interesting to see if the summer betting angle is legit.

The shippers Wednesday (morning line odds):

Race 1: Kettle Corn (5-1)

Race 2: Grooms Bellboy (30-1)

Race 3: Giuseppe G (8-1)

Race 9: Whirling Thunder (3-1) and Deputiformer (12-1)

Bob Lunny--Wimberley, TX More than 1 year ago
The DRF needs to add shipper stats to the trainer line.
James B More than 1 year ago
Well let's see.... Race 1 - Kettle Corn 4th Race 2 - Grooms Bellboy 8th (of 8) Race 3 - Giuseppe G 7th (of 8) Race 9 - Whirling Thunder 2nd, Deputiformer 3rd
william mcavoy More than 1 year ago
Nice angle ... why aren't superior stakes horses given real weight anymore ... Round Table carried 139 lbs. at a mile and one half ... Native Diver 136 lbs. everytime ... Finally ... Mr. Commons looks like nice horse in winning feature race on Wednesday, July 20.
Al Coppola More than 1 year ago
Wonderful package, would love to win.
Christine Race More than 1 year ago
Interesting no doubt. I'm a usual Crist blogger but if you will post those (for the sake of ease) for us all for a little bit ... much appreciated. A little extra attention in the post parade could be able to offer info of whether the horse is "diggin" the track.