05/12/2010 8:08PM

Pimlico Timetables


The first run of Preakness Day pp's are up at drf.com, and here are thetimetables for Friday's and Saturday's 13-race Pimlico cards, which include a dozen stakes races in addition to the main event:

*Here's hoping for clear skies: There are five grass races each day. Four of Friday's are five-furlong turf sprints, while all of Saturday's grass races are at a mile or more, including the G2 Dixie and the G3 Gallorette.

*Congrats to the Pimlico racing office for filling six N1x and four N2x allowance races over the two days. The 26 races Friday and Saturday include 13 stakes, 10 allowance races, two starter handicaps and one maiden race.

*There are just two pick-4's each day (as opposed to three on Oaks Day and four on Derby Day at Churchill.) Saturday's are guaranteed, at $250k for the early one on races 5-8 and $1 million for the one ending with the Preakness on races 9-12. There's also a two-day Black-Eyed Susan/Preakness double.

*Difference of opinion between Frank Carulli's official Pimlico morning line and Mike Watchmaker's DRF line: Carulli has Super Saver 5-2, Lookin at Lucky 3-1 and Paddy O'Prado 9-2; Watchmaker has a shorter favorite with Super Saver at 9-5, Lookin at Lucky farther back at 7-2 and Paddy O'Prado a distant third choice at 8-1.

John C. More than 1 year ago
I'm in Baltimore, MD. Good times! It's way too early for me to wake up but I can't sleep because Pimlico is a mere 20 minutes away. I have my HD camcorder charged and I'm ready to see the sights and sounds of my unbelievably belated first live Preakness. I'm now claiming a deprived childhood that I wasn't at Pimlico for the ones throughout the 70's. :) It rained like it was summer in Tampa Bay (that means "armageddon-like" storms) last night! I thought, "Super Saver and Paddy are going to like this. I can't imagine that the track will dry out fully today. The turf is going to be a bog, I'm speculating. I will not be getting my "Preak on" but if some nice filly wants to "Preak out" on me, I'll accommodate her (big Slew grin) :) As for the race, I'm going to play two different tickets: one focusing on Lucky and Saver (not much of a risk, I know), the other on my boy First Duuuuuuuuuuude - more for logical reasons than sentimental reasons. With a clean and surgical Dominguez trip, this huge developing horse should be ready to show his peak performance; he ran well in FL, but he had a tough time navigating the stretch, yet he still came on at the end. I think that he has heart. HG Preakness: $2 Triples: 7 with 2,5,11 with 2,3,5,6,8,11,12 8 with 2,5,11 with 2,3,5,6,7,11,12 $3 Exacta: 11 with 2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12 $4 cold super: 8, 11, 7, 5 Will post Preakness pics and video later this weekend! Good luck and enjoy Preakness 135!
Lucky Magee More than 1 year ago
JK -- New Jersey residents can use the online wagering site set up by the state of NJ, go to 4njbets dot com. The messge on the home page says no streaming video of Pimlico from 4:30 to 7 pm, so I imagine that means there WILL BE live video of the PIM races until 4:30.
JT More than 1 year ago
Scared of Lucky and Jackson Bend...can this possibly be a Union 7-6 exacta? Or is that only probable in california races? Jackson Bend and Dublin may run the legs off SS and LOL with some unexpected company on the bottom 2 tiers of the superfecta. What worries me about LOL is a. he doesn't seem to want to pass horses (ala Oaklawn), and 2. Baffert says win lose or draw, he will be going back to Calif. after the race....that tells me volumes! My super still looks like this....and it is really cheap: 8-12 with 8-12-6 with 8-12-6 with 3,5,11. And I might toss LOL in that bottom bunch. Good lcuk everyone...off to play the Friday card and the Susan/Preakness double.
Tom Donnelly More than 1 year ago
Friday's 4th race at Pimlico: are they kidding with this condition or what? All retired female jockeys? Who dreams up this nonsense?
Lucky Magee More than 1 year ago
For the Friday & Saturday cards at Pimlico, all exotic wagers, including the Pick 6, will have $1 minimums.
eric More than 1 year ago
Tommy D--Friday's races were part of a breast cancer awareness/fund raiser. The female jocks were legit in their day, and they did not disappoint. You know the drill--if the race does not appeal to you, simply don't bet it. I was there today, and applauded the jocks when they dismounted--some of them were truly pioneers in racing.)
Mick More than 1 year ago
Was just down in the OTB and they are not taking bets on the Preakness - Black Eyed Susan double or the Preakness itself. The staff said this was due to a "contractual dispute". The incompetence of the NYC OTB never ceases to amaze. [For more on NYCOTB and Pimlico: http://www.drf.com/news/article/112960.html -SC]
JK More than 1 year ago
I hope someone can help me with the problem I have tomorrow. I can't get to a track to watch the early Pimlico races. I need to be at my house. I live in NJ so I can't sign up for an on line betting service that has the live feeds. I only have TVG and they don't carry Pimlico. Is there any place on line I can get a live feed to watch these races? I'll even pay a couple bucks just for tomorrow's card.
JK More than 1 year ago
Are the Pick 4's on Preakness Day $1 minimum or $0.50 minimum?
dan c More than 1 year ago
The only problem with the late Pick 4 is Rainbow View is a mortal cinch . Super Saver and Lookin at Lucky are the only 2 in the Preakness. So if you take all and all in the other 2 , it still can not pay too much. They couldnt beat Rainbow View if they started her 3 secs later.