05/13/2010 9:41AM

Pim: Thurs. scratches


Been a chilly, overcast morning here at Old Hilltop, and there was so much rain yesterday that they've taken the races (5th, 7th, 9th) off the turf for the 9-race Thurs. card. A crew of 3 of us has been on site for the 135th Preakness: Jay Privman, Dave Grening, and myself. Getting thru all our stories that will be printed today for what we hope is part of a Sat. DRF edition all our readers will enjoy.

Quite a few early changes here today. They are:

Race 1 - SCR Jac Roxs (#2), SCR Domestic Affair (#5)

Race 2 - SCR Robyns Anthem (#4), SCR Madam Bling (#6), SCR Magamoo (#7)

Race 5 - (off turf) SCR Royal Theatre (#2), SCR Durer (#4), SCR Ponzi (#5), SCR Roi d'Etoiles (#10)

Race 6 - SCR Cloudynhot (#8)

Race 7 - (off turf) SCR Snuck On You (#5), SCR Winey Taylor (#6)

Race 8 - SCR Boxer Shorts (#2)

Race 9 - (off turf) SCR Wedding Scramble (#1), SCR Raven's Choice (#4), SCR Betty's Jon De (#7), SCR Over Valay (#9), SCR Piano Red (#10)