04/15/2008 12:20AM

Pick Your Pick-6

Tinky More than 1 year ago
Michael – You might want to try something other than ad hominem attacks (look it up). Neither you, nor anyone else who is foaming at the mouth about the DQ has addressed my central point, which is that there was obviously trouble on the turn, and that only angles other than the pan shot will shed light on whether or not the winner was responsible. Also, if you bothered to actually read my posts, you would have noted that I made it clear that I have no opinion on the DQ precisely because I have not seen other than the pan shot. So, to those who are paying attention, your use of the word "moronic" was more than a touch ironic.
John O' More than 1 year ago
Worst Dq ever was Kiris Clown at the Spa a few years back,the jock Pat Day even said he was suprised when he got put up.As`for poly a few Marias Mon horses ran well over it on Sat.,other than that its mostly a guessing game.I'm sure thats the reason for the 17% drop in handle so far.
michael More than 1 year ago
Tinky is obviously one of the moronic Hawthorne stewards trying to defend himself. Give it up, Tinky, you sound like the Leslie Nielsen character in The Naked Gun as explosions happen around him, he screams through his bullhorn: "Nothing to see here. Please dispurse."
Tinky More than 1 year ago
Michael – I had commented on the topic at length in a previous thread, and apparently you weren't aware of it. I'm glad to see that you are now touching on the substance of the matter. But asserting that the DQ is "outrageous" based on the pan shot alone is rather like saying that a 3/5 shot which finishes out of the money is an overrated pig without taking into account whether of not it bled, or was injured during the running. In other words, without the benefit of other angles, you simply cannot know whether or not the DQ was justified. I'd like to see it myself, as I am open-minded about the topic.
hz hackenbush More than 1 year ago
I agree 100% with Tinky AND with the associated DRF article, which says the same thing. And, oh, by the way, THE WORST DQ EVER was in New York, where they TOOK DOWN THE WRONG HORSE! (See Allemeuse, Saratoga, 1986.)
michael More than 1 year ago
Tinky, You stated that my assertion was "ludicrous" and I took offense to that, especially since you are not privy to some secret far turn video that the rest of us have yet to see. We can ONLY go on what video we saw and that is what is so outrageous about this DQ. For all those who had the winner and were DQ'd, I think they should be outraged by this decision. I wish Steve Crist and Steve D. would chime in here with their thoughts. Something has to be done here. From the available video, it's "ludicrous" that the winner was DQed. Also, one should remember that even if there was some slight infraction on the far turn, they had the whole length of the stretch to sort it out and the winner was much the best. I can't imagine the winner being DQ'd in New York.
Dan MacKenzie More than 1 year ago
steven_crist More than 1 year ago
John from Syracuse, It's a little tough to "hedge" when you're alive to one horse at 19-1. You might want to think of it instead as buying some "insanity insurance" against running second in a tough-beat photo. Maybe a small backwheel and a few one-way exactas with CJ underneath the two or three horses you fear the most or will drive you the craziest. Peter, No research team.
John More than 1 year ago
With all due respect to everyone on this forum, we all have to live with the "poly" Think about this...it wasn't until the late 60's that Tom Ainsle came out with any kind of horse racing literature that was worth reading. (my opinion) And that was 100 years or so after horse racing began in the U.S.This surface can be figured out, even if we have to wait for Lauren Stich to do a column in a few years called "polytrack breeding" Until then one thing I have noticed with horses on this surface, is if their last race had a "middle move" of any kind, they are worth a wager. I would agree that this is a good sign everywhere, but I have noticed it in particular on the "all weather surfaces." I also think that for whatever reason, Shaun Bridgemohan seems to have figured out how to ride on the poly. Look for both at Keenland.
Tinky More than 1 year ago
"worst DQ since The Wicked North in the Big Cap." I assume that you have seen patrol films other than the pan shot. If not, then your assertion is ludicrous.