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"The People's Horse," etc.


Dan, can you clarify the situation Greg mentioned?
How would an online player make that substitution?
Help. What is the actual rule, now?

You'd probably get better answers over at the CristBlog for any questions pertaining to Pick 6's, and substitutions.  I'm not positive, but I believe that this is an on-track option, and that ADW handicappers may not have the same opportunity to offer a substitute in case of scratches.


I tried Formulator Web during the Keeneland meet, and something that drove me crazy was trying to access charts from the Saratoga meet (some dates more than two months back) and they weren't available.
Bill M

I just checked, and the charts are there all the way back to January 2007.  You might want to try it again.  I'm sticking with the software version until all of the kinks are worked out on the web.  Supposedly, the enhancements will be finished this year, and then I'm expecting the web product to be awesome.


Dan, Everyone,
Do you have any perceptions about changes in running styles/winners as the rail moves out or in? My first reaction is that speed seems to hold more when the rail is at 0, but...
Steve T

I think the conventional handicapping theory is that the more the rails are out, the better speed holds.  Closers used to making wide, sweeping moves may have trouble with the tighter turns.  I, too, wonder if this theory is more myth than reality.


Any chance you could post the PP'S of DESERT CODE, Dan.

Here they are:

Download DesertCode.pdf

Desert Code reportedly suffered a minor ankle sprain, and is currently housed on our updated Disabled List on the right hand side of the blog.


A lot of talk about sires recently. One of my favorites is Malibu Moon, but I'm guessing because they are so scarce (the really fast ones), they must get nicked up really easilly and sidelined, and otherwise compromised.
Can I get some love for Malibu Moon's?

Malibu Moon only raced twice at two, and his progeny have had their share of physical problems.  A cursory glance of our Disabled List reveals many Malibu Moons that were/are sidelined:

Kanan Dune (chipped ankle)
Moon de French (unspecified surgery)
Ah Day (twice, once unspecified, the other time for injured right shoulder)
By the Light (ankle surgery)
Declan's Moon (throat surgery)
Frank the Barber (bone chip, knee surgery)
Rodman (once sick, the other described by his trainer as "a physical problem)
Spectacular Malibu (unspecified)


Does anybody have any comments or suggestions about this experiment? Dan??
Steve T.

So far, the workout experiment has yielded positive results from a win percentage standpoint, but I'm also interested in the ROI.  Are the winners bombs with no other positive angles other than the workout, or do they also fit the criteria for speed and pace?  If the latter is true, then it's possible that the workout angle is a high-percentage "coincidence," or a strong addendum to other more established handicapping angles. 
I'd also like to see an ROI and win percentage breakdown by distance.  I'd assume the longer distance workouts would yield better results.  Also, an ROI breakdown by track works may be interesting.  Which ones had bullets at Santa Anita?  Hollywood?  San Luis Rey?  Out of town?


I'd like to play the handigambling, how do I start???

The handigambling exercise is every Wednesday. The race is picked by whoever won the previous week.
The person picks the race and Dan provides us with the PP's, right on here. Then you just make your picks with a mythical $100. Everything is done right here on this site, and there is no registering or anything.
You just type in the bets you would make with $100 to spend.
That's it. Nice and easy to play.
Join us next week!

Congrats to Peter Vescovo for earning top honors in the HandiGambling contest!  He gets to make the selection for next week's race, and hopefully will be receiving his prize soon.


Back with more tomorrow.

Take care,