11/30/2007 9:15PM

Peckish for Action


The double-carryover Aqueduct pick six didn't work too well for me or anyone else besides the 10 wizards who collected $31,215 for combining Stormy Success ($18.80), The Truffle Man ($12.40), Blitzen Too ($7.90), Smoke n Review ($31.20), Morine's Victory ($4.30), and Kevazinga ($7.70). The payoff was short of the parlay despite a free $102k seeding the pool, but The Truffle Man could have been more like 2-1 than 5-1 in the pick six: It's hard to imagine that Captain Backfire was the same crazy 2-5 in the pick six that he was in the win pool.

I was out early, down to a thread after Stormy Success and then knocked out of everything by Smoke n Review. So I was still feeling a bit peckish for action. I quick-'capped the second half of the Hollywood card and got alive 2x3 into the last two legs of the pick-four after a $6.80 backup and a $19.40 main came in.

My two in leg 3 were the 6-5 favorite River Echo and 5-1 Furioso Star. At least that's what they were before both were scratched after acting up at the gate. That made it a three-horse race among the three I had left out. Thank you, Hollywood win bettors on those three: Your remaining money made Rudymeanie 7-10 against Blaze It and Bye Now, and Rudymeanie won for fun. Since you get switched to the post-time favorite when you're a late scratch in the pick four, both my horses "won."

Not that this led to anything terribly exciting -- a $294.30-for-$1 pick-four when the shortest of my three won the nightcap with my other two nowhere -- but it was a weird way to cash.

--I had to switch to TVG to watch the Hollywood finale after Nassau OTB TV changed over to Italian-language programming at 7 p.m. EST, and I forgot to turn it off and the announcers just mentioned that there's a $22k carryover in the Meadowlands pick four starting in 47 minutes. Gotta go.

[Update 8:16 p.m. Oh wait, that's Meadowlands harness. Never mind.]

rfb0318 More than 1 year ago
What does everyone think of the "Cinco-fecta" wager that has been approved at Santa Anita for the Winter meet? The bet requires you to pick the first FIVE finishers in a race and has a carry-over provision to it. It doesn't say what the base bet is ($1 ?) and/or if it will be offered for a penny, nickel or dime. Is the day coming when we'll be able to bet the "Entire-fecta" in which a bettor has to correctly pick the entire order of finish in a race? Is that type of bet offered anywhere in the world? How about a National "Entire-fecta" race for a $1.00 minimun with a carry-over each week televised live in Lotto type-format on a race with a 14 horse field? With 87,178,291,200 combinations, it might take a week or two to hit the bet.
mark C More than 1 year ago
I am glad you mentioned the nassau otb channel switching to the Italian language station at 6 or 7 pm. How dumb is that? I can't tell ou how many times I throw things at the TV when it switches over 2 minutes before a race I bet was going off.
str3268 More than 1 year ago
Happy to see you gave us that late update, Steve. I was surprised and puzzled to see that you were planning to play the sulkies!
Flip Dawson More than 1 year ago
Re Bill Hartack passing, there was a funny story relating him to the Derby when he rode Northern Dancer back in the 60's.I had just started a sideline career of "Turf Accountant" and on that Derby, everyone in my town bet on Northern Dancer. I was just starting out, and took all I could on the race. He won, paying $8.00, and I had been "HIT" right at the start of my horsey career. Northern Dancer was from Windfield Farms here in Oshawa, and right now, Windfield is 5 minutes from where I live. Anyway, I paid out and naturally had it all back before too long. When I saw where Bill is going to be laid to rest, I decided to get in touch with the contact person and offer my services re a suitable monument for him. I do some sporting monuments/markers when needed, and several years ago, I did a grave-marker for a leading trainer at Woodbine--Carl Francis Chapman. His nickname was " The Mouth That Roared", given to him as he could always be heard before he came into view.(The widow would not go for me putting his nickname on the gravemarker.)She was a nice lady and I made sure all was perfect for her. So, you see there are stories everywhere. If anyone knows the relatives of Frank Merrill (Swanky Franky), please email me, as I knew him from Florida, and want to find out where he is sleeping. And sleep Frank would need--he had a lot of walks to the winner's circle.Sometimes I was right behind him.