05/01/2008 12:34AM

Oaks & Derby Day Lineups


Here are the Oaks and Derby Day lineups: 23 races, 11 graded stakes, six pick-fours and two all-stakes pick-sixes:

Flip Dawson More than 1 year ago
To mike--yes, I did give the results of a $5.00 bet on Volponi. Funny, the story I read in the Star had a headline about the bet. I have it here in my files. It says, among other things that "when Volponi won the Breeder's Cup Classic at Arlington at 43-1, bettors all across North America ripped up thir tickets. All, that is except Philip Dawson of Oshawa -- --etc." I have a picture of the money all over the floor of my living room. So, I'll let you get on with your business with Big Brown. Have fun with the front bandages. I don't exaggerate at all. I think you must lead a sheltered life--I don't.
george quinn More than 1 year ago
Am I the only one to notice that the Derby day card, although very high on quality has quite a few 9 horse fields? Also no 2 year olds races carded for Friday or Saturday. For years it used to be the WHAS Stakes for 2 year olds then a new sponsor, now no 2 year olds? Just not in love with either card. Maybe the depth of the breeders cup fields have me spoiled. But when I see Maiden Special Weights on Oaks and Derby Days I get a little bothered. Am I overeacting Steve? George in Lexington Ky.
Sunbath More than 1 year ago
Sunday morning may 4th.Morning yall.The dock's quieted.Life jackets were left on shores.Emptied bottles are pieces..........Is anyone see Flip????
pru More than 1 year ago
why would you be bothered by msw races. these are the best races to bet in my opinion. I love handicapping lightly raced horses. They provide value as horses can improve drastically improve.
SamG More than 1 year ago
Someone asked if the could bet Churchill at their local OTB.This is from Churchill signal deal looks unlikely By MATT HEGARTY The full cards will also be available at all bricks-and-mortar simulcast sites around the country. So most likely yes.Also: Daruty said that any wager offered on the Oaks or Derby or any linked wager ending with the Oaks or Derby would be available on Twinspires.com and XpressBet.
SamG More than 1 year ago
11 Graded stakes in 2 days including 4 grade one races?They look like nice cards to me,wish I could take Friday off.The late daily double was canceled on Oaks Day to avoid confusion with the Oaks/Derby double.Nice to know how stoopid they think we are.Any word on that injunction?It will stink if I have to go to the OTB to bet the undercard,I`ll probably just get in my pick 4`s then go watch at home.Other than that it doesn`t get much better.
horserun More than 1 year ago
thanks for Chruchill entries Steve, however for most of the players staying home to wager with our favorite ADW (you know the only growth area in all of racing) you didnt have to waste your time typing, as we cant bet any of those races
MudhoundMojo More than 1 year ago
I think the pin stuck in his hoof effected the Bid's TC chase more than Ronnie Franklin.
PP More than 1 year ago
BB is wearing front bandages because he ran down on his right front in the FL Derby, and they are just trying to protect his precious feet. He will be a tremendous breeding prospect based on his LH-X Factor through the second dam. Dickie Dutrow is making some very big wagers on this race. A novice handicapper can make a lot of money on this race by playing against BB (and in essence, since this IS parimutuel wagering, take Dutrow's cash). Does someone know the exact distance that Big Brown will travel after breaking from post 20? There must be a way to measure this in terms of total feet. Since this is not a staggered start, I'd imagine it's something a little more than a mile and a quarter. In order to win this race, he has to be five lengths better than the rest of the field.
rangers78 More than 1 year ago
how much money will be in the pick 6 on oaks day? im trying to figure out if its worth making a nice size ticket for it