11/26/2014 5:05PM

NY-bred "bashes" them in Florida


Last Saturday's Grade 3 Tropical Turf Handicap at Gulfstream West proved to be a lucrative working vacation for LUBASH. The 7-year-old New York bred escaped the volatile Northeast weather and frolicked in the sun in South Florida en route to becoming racing's latest millionaire.

Trained by Christophe Clement, Lubash sat a wonderful inside-out stalking trip under Brice Blanc. Sent away the 17 to 10 favorite in the field of nine turf performers at 1 1/8 miles over "good" ground, Lubash rated along the inside until the field turned for home. At that juncture, Blanc wheeled Lubash to the center of the track, and they mowed down pacesetter REPORTING STAR in the final sixteenth.

"I decided to come here for the stake before he is turned out," Clement told track publicity following the Tropical Turf Handicap. "He’s a fun horse because he really, really wants to win. He always runs a good race."

For those thinking that Lubash is on the road to retirement, let's not be hasty. "I trained a horse for Mrs. (Charlotte) Weber named Revved Up who was a stakes winner at 10," Clement noted. "I think the way we campaign, we look after them, and obviously he’s very sound."

The victory was Lubash's eighth stakes score, and second in graded competition (he won the Grade 3 Fort Marcy Stakes at Belmont in 2013). The versatile son of Freud has prevailed at distances ranging from 6 to 9 furlongs, and has won on both turf and dirt.
It's likely that Lubash will get some well-deserved time off before returning to New York in the spring. Don't be surprised if Clement points for races like the Kingston at Belmont for a return spot.


Here are the top WINNING numbers from 11/18/14 - 11/24/14:

1. HONOR CODE - 106 - OC 62k/N2X -N - 6 1/2 Furlongs - 22Nov14-6AQU
2. ONE KING'S MAN - 103 - OC 35k/C -N - 1 Mile 70 Yards - 23Nov14-8FG
3. BIG MACHER - 98 - Cary Grant Stakes - 7 Furlongs (Polytrack) - 23Nov14-8DMR
3. LUBASH - 98 - Tropical Turf Handicap (G3) - 1 1/8 Miles (Turf) - Nov14-7GPW
3. READTHEBYLINE - 98 - New York Stallion Series Stakes - 7 Furlongs - 22Nov14-8AQU
3. SUNBEAN - 98 - Delta Mile Stakes - 1 Mile - 22Nov14-8DED
7. CALGARY CAT - 96 - Kennedy Road Stakes (G2-C) - 6 Furlongs (Polytrack) - 23Nov14-8WO
7. TOO DIM - 96 - OC 35k/C -N - 6 Furlongs - 23Nov14-3FG
9. GOLDEN RINGS - 95 - OC 25k/N2X -N - 1 Mile - 20Nov14-7LRL
9. ONE MORE CHIEF - 95 - Alw 19500N2R - 6 Furlongs - 20Nov14-6FL
9. PEARL BAY - 95 - OC 25k/N2X -N - 1 Mile 70 Yards - 18Nov14-8PRX
12. EL NINO TERRIBLE - 94 - OC 40k/N1X -N - 6 1/2 Furlongs (Polytrack) - 23Nov14-6DMR
12. WHERETHERE'SFIRE - 94 - Alw 33300N1X - 6 Furlongs - 19Nov14-5PEN
14. CERRO (IRE) - 93 - OC 40k/C -N - 1 Mile - 22Nov14-8LRL
14. D'CAJUN CAT - 93 - Sam's Town Stakes - 7 Furlongs - 22Nov14-2DED
16. DOM THE BOMB - 92 - Sun Power Stakes - 6 Furlongs - 22Nov14-3HAW
16. HOME JOURNEY - 92 - OC 80k/C -N - 5 Furlongs (Turf) - 21Nov14-7DMR
18. PERFECTLY TRUE - 91 - Md Sp Wt 40k - 6 Furlongs - 22Nov14-7LRL
18. SCHOOL SPIRIT - 91 - OC30k/SAL15k - 7 Furlongs - 20Nov14-8DED
18. STRIKE CHARMER - 91 - Cardinal Handicap (G3) - 1 1/8 Miles (Turf) - 22Nov14-9CD
18. YAHILWA - 91 - Treasure Chest Stakes - 1 Mile - 22Nov14-5DED
22. BREAKING BALL - 90 - OC 62k/N2X -N - 7 Furlongs (Polytrack) - 22Nov14-7WO
22. N. F.'S DESTINY - 90 - Clm 20000 - 6 Furlongs - 20Nov14-4AQU
22. OCHO OCHO OCHO - 90 - Delta Jackpot Stakes (G3) - 1 1/16 Miles - 22Nov14-7DED
25. DANCINGTHENIGHTAWAY - 89 - Alw 58750N1X - 5 Furlongs (Turf) - 23Nov14-7DMR
25. FRONTIER WARRIOR - 89 - OC c-20k/N2X - 5 1/2 Furlongs - 20Nov14-6LRL
25. ROCKET TIME - 89 - OC 62k/N2X -N - 1 Mile - 23Nov14-3CD
25. TEK - 89 - Alw 16000s - 7 Furlongs - 18Nov14-6PRX
25. THREE HEARTS - 89 - Red Carpet Handicap (G3) - 1 3/8 Miles (Turf) - 22Nov14-8DMR

*HONOR CODE's lifetime past performances are available at the bottom of this blog post.

*FRONTIER WARRIOR was claimed for $20,000 by trainer Ferris Allen from Keisy Cartegena.


I just tried to use Formulator Tablet for the 1st time and it didn't accept my regular Formulator subscription get a race card. Do I have to buy a 2nd Formulator subscription - one for my computer and one for my iPad? Or is my learning disability for Tablets once again showing through?

I talked to customer service, and was told that you need an unlimited plan in order to access Formulator Tablet. If you have any questions, I'd e-mail Lonnie at cservice2@drf.com.


The annual Gulfstream Formbloggers Convention is tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 28 - Sunday, March 1, 2015. I'll be working on getting hotel discounts at the Hampton Inn, across from the track.
I can pick up/drop off at Ft. Lauderdale airport, as it's about 15 min. away and you don't need to rent a car.
Every year, Dan joins us for handicapping fun, and contests. Gulfstream has provided a private suite and gift bags in the past, plus we have other swag from Breeders' Cup, etc. The "regulars" can attest that a fantastic time is had by all.
If you'd like to be on the mailing list for information as I receive it, please email me at lross@ironmaidensthoroughbreds.com

I'm really looking forward to it and hope to see as many of you as possible. The Formbloggers Convention is always great fun and Laura does a tremendous job handling all of the arrangements.


You can follow me on Twitter @DRF_DanIllman.

The video previews for the weekend graded stakes races will be available later in the week at the following link:



Congrats to Ron Z. for finishing first in last week's HandiGambling tournament.

Rick M's scoresheet is available at the bottom of this blog post.

On tab 2 you will see each HG Race we've held and they are color coded to denote if the race was run on Turf, Dirt or Poly.

Let's go with the Cigar Mile for this week's exercise.


SR Vegas and Rick M. have graciously decided to streamline all of the HG rules in order to make them an easier read for everyone...

With so many new people attending Dan's Formblog we thought it would be a good time to update the Handigambling Guidelines and Rules as we go forward in 2014.

Let's remember WHY we began the HandiGambling races in the first place. The goal was to share ideas on why we like these horses and why we're betting them the way we are. We are not asking for a novel but if you could spare a sentence or two outlining your handicapping angles and thought processes about wagering, it would be appreciated.


-  Please start your post with  HG or HANDIGAMBLING to better recognize and find your entry.

-  You have a mythical $100 to wager in whatever format you choose and that is available for that HG race.
Anyone going over the $100 limit will be disqualified.

- Post your WAGER and ANALYSIS to the blog WITH YOUR NAME/OR MONIKER AT THE END OF THE POST.  Remember that posts may start as 'anonymous' or an 'alternate name'. You MUST sign yourself at the end (even if it is the same) This enables the scorekeeper to recognize you .

- (1) ONE ENTRY per person for the Handigambling contest. If you have multiple email addresses, use just ONE for contest purposes.  Multiple entries will be cause for disqualification.

- Separate your analysis from the wager and use the horses # in your wager. Just like you would do in a real wager. No horse names.

-In the event of a tie, the earliest post gets first preference. Dan reserves the right to approve or deny any entries.

- The winner will receive a "60-Card Quarterly Formulator Past Performance Plan"

As an example :

HG 2014
The speed in this race goes to  horses # 1, 4 ,6 ..Ennie , Meenie, and Mo
Since it's a sprint I don't see any closers catching them.. like # 9 Miney.
I think trainer Groucho with the #6 Mo has the best stats in this condition, route to sprint.. just a gut feeling at large odds ML 20-1

HG wager
50$ Ex box 1-6
total $100

Thanks Dan!




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CalvinLCarter More than 1 year ago
Annie, If you are still picking the Magic Kleenex box horses, put me down for one. Thanks.
pat gavin More than 1 year ago
Shenanigans..whacky macky special, Willie B Mine, poor customer service, easy money, sparse crowds, ghosts of J. Edgar Hoover, silly owners/trainers.....and more tomorrow in a expanded day at the races recap of a lovely day at WINDY LAUREL...... As a tease look at the Daily Double pay out in RACE 2......YIKES.....and I had the winner(flat) but not the DOUBLE...if I would have I would have launched an investigation..........good grief....and the clue was NOT available until the paddock view before the 2nd race.......must have had a Doc Brown and 1.21 giga watts...and a DeLorean.
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
If anyone gets an email from "my iphone", don't open it. I don't even have an iphone!
Rodney More than 1 year ago
Bernard, Great answer...Mick & Peter Easterby, Barry Hills & Mr B Curley just a few names in their heyday that would make a bookmaker suddenly take notice ! Like you say, general approval of a good coup struck...
VanSavant More than 1 year ago
JJ; I’ll bite. The 1972 USC team was arguably the best college team ever. I remember them well. Anthony Davis was the RB and Cunningham was the FB, no? Maybe I don’t remember so well… But I do remember the 1995 Nebraska team. As a “hater”, I do actually remember them quite well, unfortunately. Lawrence Phillips and Ahman Green in the same backfield? Really? They beat 2nd ranked Florida in the bowl game 60-something to something… it wasn’t even close. That was probably the best team that I remember well… Later gator vs
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DavidM9999, Thanks for your response. Thoughtful as usual. Your questions..... While I might wish to claim high rank in my enjoyment of horseracing, especially of Group class horses, I am most certainly not a "highly skilled handicapper". I have my moments (today was very good), but I simply don't put the hard graft into it. Thanks anyway. Therefore I will offer personal opinion, with not a shred of evidence. First off I will say that I do not think there is a significant drug problem in British and Irish racing. Of course there is the odd case, and some of high profile, but I believe they are generally cases of stupidity and lax management, not cheating. The drug testing programme is pretty good, and getting better, and the penalties can be severe. So the possibility of someone cheating with drugs plays absolutely no part in my handicapping - ever. But, and it is a big BUT, there are a handful of trainers who have a reputation for improving horses, sometimes quite dramatically, and any bettor worth their salt will sit up and take notice when one of their horses is bet into an unexpectedly prominent position in the betting market. We British have a deserved reputation for liking a loveable rogue, and as most of the money is bet with commercial Bookmakers, when someone pulls off a betting coup with a (generally older) horse, people merely shrug and conclude (wrongly???) it is not their money lost. Indeed, such expertise in rejuvenating a horse is usually admired, and at worst, bettors chide themselves for not joining in the fun. How the "improvement" is achieved is a rather neglected question, rarely asked in the press or on TV. To be fair, training varies so much over here, and a change of stable for a horse can result in a completely different training regime, and over completely different topography (if that is the word I am searching for). Our horses are not trained on standard, left handed flat tracks. They often train uphill and down dale, so it is natural (in my opinion) for some horses to benefit from a change of scenery. Best Regards - Bernard Downes .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TBTA, Did you send me a link from your I-Phone at 6 AM this morning? Annie
Dick W More than 1 year ago
AlydarandEasy As a Duck fan all I can say is that I hope your assessment of FSU as the Zenyatta of college football is incorrect. If you are correct, the Ducks are in big trouble :-) Dick W
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bernard – thanks for the reply on the jockeys; those are fair points, and I can't say you're wrong on them. Personally, I can understand and forgive a human error like that easier than one caused by lazy preparation or poorly thought out strategy, but obvious mistakes, whatever the cause, are easily punished ones. In case anyone's interested, I found a couple of interesting race videos, taken from a helmet camera worn by Richard Hughes while riding Night of Thunder in the 2013 Doncaster (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dQA6wvaTpk) and in the 2013 Long Distance Cup (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJNUfVHTnao). Also, I didn't see any entries for the Sha Tin races this weekend where I usually look, so I ended up on the HK Jockey Club website. I'm sure I'm not the first to discover it, but for anyone who isn't familiar with their procedures, they are obviously far more open with information about the horses and their actions they most race track or state commissions over here. The main site is http://racing.hkjc.com/racing/english/index.aspx. Click on Racing (Local) to get entries and race cards, and make sure from latter to click on 'Veterinary Records' where they give a list of all the prior incidents with the vet for each horse in the race (left leg lame, mucous in throat, one horse was found to be a roarer, etc.). Also check out http://racing.hkjc.com/racing/info/meeting/Results/english/Local/20141109/ST/1 for a sample of race result chart, and see underneath in the incident report how thoroughly the stewards actions and decisions are explained, certainly as compared to so much of what is done over here. I sent Dan a sheet of notes on Gordon Lord Byron, who's entered in the HK Sprint; the bottom line is that he is much better on ground less than good, and better at 7F or under than at a mile. If the track at Aqueduct is Sloppy today, I like So Scott in the 6th. He is very straightforward, a big, tall, long horse, no speed, out of a Seattle Slew mare. In his last 18 races on Good or Fast, he is 18-0-5-6; lifetime he is 5-3-1-0 on Sloppy or Muddy (the unplaced race was his debut 4 1/2 years ago at 5.5F); in the last 3, he is 3-3-0-0, the most recent 2 of which were both in slop, won driving, one at 6F and the other at 2 miles. He takes a while to wind up his run, but once he gets going he will go for a long time, and is flat out a superior mover in the slop. If the track is rated Muddy, be cautious; I wouldn't rule him out if it starts out Sloppy and is only upgraded an hour or half hour prior to the 6th race, but on a "muddy" track that is quickly drying and is really "good-muddy" his advantage isn't there. Al
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mike – Please, don't worry about taking your time …. considering how behind I get, I could never complain. I have to apologize, as I should have been more specific about the charts I'd found. They were (1) on Run ups & Trakus from Dan's blog of 03-12-14 (http://www.drf.com/blogs/dude-not-done) and (2) GP Turf Racebook for Winter 2012-2013 meet from the 12-11-13 blog (http://www.drf.com/blogs/star-harbour-giancarlo). But, I do appreciate the confirmation of the abbreviations, and just from Saturday's races some of the things you mentioned or that were mentioned in the older blogs were borne out. Outside speed horses did tend to have a hard time trying to make the lead and / or get forward position without getting hung out wide into the first turn in the 1 1/16th races. Speed holding better with the rails placed farther out than when they are close in or at 0. Yes, Saturday's 7th was a tough one; obviously there aren't 5 F races on turf in NY, so I don't deal with them much, but generally I'm cautious about playing any races that short, even the British ones on straight courses, because as you said, a bad break or any trouble is pretty much game over. But your analysis is a good basis on which to watch the ones at GP. I get what you're saying that not needing to slice the positioning so finely for a 5 F race ….. I hadn't really thought much about them, it was more the route races I had in mind. Some of the difference too is between making notes for an individual horse vs. making a chart, where you have to abbreviate to some extent. The race on Saturday that I was most interested to watch was the 2nd, since I knew the favorite, Red Guard, from his races at Belmont (he was also scratched out on Cigar Mile day at AQU with the race coming off the turf). Good come-home times in his first two …. last F 11.2 (last 3F 34.2) in his debut, then 23.1 in his second race coming home very well on the yielding after hitting traffic in the upper stretch, and a nice mover. To me he was 2nd best here. Again came home quickest (29.1); had this been Belmont, he surely would have gotten up for 2nd in the extra 200' feet of stretch; or, had he sat where, say, Novak was, and still been able to come home that well, he'd have also gotten second (maybe he couldn't have done if he'd sat further up, we'll see). Now, I can't say he was better than the winner on the day, since one that came home in 29.3 (second fastest over the last 5/16ths) after setting all the pace, modest as it was (that was the slowest of the 4 races at 1 1/6th on Saturday but the only one won on the lead). But the despite the turns being broader than most places, the shortness of the stretch looks like a real factor to keep in mind. It looks as though if one can get ahead 2-3L off a quick burst at the head of the stretch, it is tough to for the pursuers to get up in time. So, that was part of the question of stalking vs. mid-pack vs. closer. 7-5 was no good for betting odds on Red Guard, but if it’s a 30-1 shot, where one likes or is capable of sitting vs. how fast they're capable of coming home ….. that's the kind of thing I'm trying to gauge. I also noticed that there were some pretty aggressive moves to get the lead, and will be watching to see how strong the tendency is, as opposed to what is sometimes seen in NY (not always, of course), where no one really wants to go fast early and a bunch gallops along in the front. Al