04/26/2008 3:19PM

No Oaks/Derby Dimes


In case you've been mapping out an elaborate multi-horse dime-super play for the Kentucky Derby, please be advised that the minimum bet for superfectas is being raised from a dime to a dollar on all races Friday and Saturday for the Oaks and Derby cards at Churchill Downs.

There haven't been dime supers in the past, but the bet has become a staple of American betting menus over the last year. Most track managers have come to realize that their initial fear that confused customers would tie up mutuel lines slowly calling out individual 10-cent combinations was unfounded. Instead, customers who previously could not afford the bet make exactly the same kind of boxes and partwheels that they do in trifectas, while getting more bang from a buck that buys 10 combos rather than one.

Obviously Oaks and Derby Day are unsusually crowded and there's extra concern about long lines, but most of the Derby betting is done at simulcast outlets and OTB's or through telephone and online accounts. Churchill could have simply banned dime supers ontrack rather than punishing the majority of bettors. If it was uncomfortable not offering something to on-track patrons that was available elsewhere, why not make ontrack dime supers available only at self-service machines?

It's depressingly typical of the racing industry's dysfunctionality that the sport's fastest-growing wager is simply banned on its biggest day -- and on the year's largest field, a perfect venue for a discounted multihorse wager. For a dime, you could have keyed one horse for first and second, surrounding him with eight others, for $67.20. Now that bet will cost $672.

---I feel obliged to bet a horse in today's featured Derby Trial on an otherwise hungry opening-day card at Churchill: Majestic Warrior. I was less dazzled than most by his victory in the Hopeful last summer because the colt struck me as a closing sprinter/miler who benefitted from a pace meltdown rather than a true classic prospect. He flopped stretching out in three subsequent starts but today he'll be back to what maybe he's best at, and will be coming from off the pace going 7 1/2 furlongs. He's the third choice on the morning line at 5-1, a very square price.

--Worth a click: This story, suggesting that the meeting between Frank Stronach and a supposedly representative group of California trainers last Sunday regarding the future of the track surface at Santa Anita, may not have been an entirely fair hearing.

Tom Atwater More than 1 year ago
Looks like Z Humor is the longest Brit price currently http://betfinder.bestbetting.com/horse-racing/usa/saturday's-racing/churchill-downs/9-00---kentucky-derby but I think Anak Nakal will be longest here. Who will finish last? Probably a speed horse who can't make the lead. Recapturetheglory, maybe.
Justin More than 1 year ago
When I go to the track with some friends they love the idea of boxing 6 horses for $36 @ a dime. plenty of action for a bunch of novices.
Jim Spence More than 1 year ago
As an owner, breeder, and wagerer, it has become clear to me that Churchill should be taking heat from people with a voice. Churchill routinely takes its customers and strategic partners HOSTAGE. Everytime we turnaround it is some entity in the racing industry in a fight with Churchill. They screwed TVG, the horsemen, and all of their ADW customers. Mainly Churchill always finds a way to turn their backs on their customers. They never seek win-win. Everything is win-lose. Eliminating the dime super on Derby Day is the tip of the iceberg with these scoundrels.
mattruther More than 1 year ago
The dime supers and 50 cent pick 4 are reasonable complaints but at this juncture I have TWO ONLINE WAGERING ACCOUNTS AND CANNOT BET THE OAKS OR THE DERBY PICK 4. WHAT IS GOING ON?
ramin domondon More than 1 year ago
this 10 cent super is a bet for every kind of horse player. i use it to back up my serious plays and its worked quite a few times. i played a super for $130 and a 10 cent super for around 8 bucks and sure enough i lost my initial bet of 130 and hit my 10 cent super. the super paid 1700+ for $1 meaning i got back $170 on my 10 cent super. i was hoping to use this system again on the derby but i guess not this year.
MudhoundMojo More than 1 year ago
Steve, I have read and heard enough complaints about the connections of 8 Belles entering both the KD and the Oaks too last a lifetime. I am baffled by the response. Why doesn't everyone put themselves in the seat of being one of the connections. The rule too be able too enter both is on the books and the connections have every right too take advantage of said rule. It is, for many, a once in a lifetime dream to have a derby horse. If allowed, why wouldn't you do everything possible before you extinguish your dream? What would you do? I hate that rule as much as anyone could, but it is the rule. For those that are so outraged of the connections of 8 Belles decision too enter both, I can only think that is short sighted thinking. How will the rule ever be changed if only a select few try it. For the rule too be changed we need 8 Belles to pass on the KD and leave the total horse at 19. Then have the same thing again, next year and the year after. That's the way too get it fixed. The anger should go to the rule not the one taking advantage of it. What say?
Jeff Tatus More than 1 year ago
To all of you that posted about the .10 supers, I totally agree that they should be available... but I won't play them for $1.00 on Derby day. Too many things that can go wrong/right depending on how you see things. I do agree with one of the guys who hates to have to compete a dollar against a dime. I'm stuck playing at a dog track OTB in Tucson and our teller generally has to call the dog track to make sure all the wagers are put in the system for that particular day. It's a horror show for a serious handicapper but the sheep put up with so much, especially on TFSM. One other point regarding Churchill's reluctance is the logistics of having too many "Signers" from $.10 supers. Imagine those long lines...that's what Churchill is saying to themselves. Either way, expecting Churchill to "do the right thing" is like "reading Shakespeare to a pig." Once a company goes public, that entity only behaves in the best interest of the shareholder; not the customer.
Dale More than 1 year ago
Theo Hozer, I have attended all but a handful of Kentucky Derbies since 1978. Most were as a spectator and bettor. About 6 or 7 years ago, I began to work as one of the 4 or 5 thousand part time tellers. You are correct in stating that many are not very good. HOWEVER, that is only 1/2 of the issue.....many bettors on that day do not have a clue as to how to construct, call or calculate a bet. 30 years ago, there was only win, place, and show betting on these races. I believe that Derby day could include dime supers without extreme difficulty. would there be issues with some tellers (AND Bettors)????? YES there would, but not much more than already exists for other wagers.
I'mawildandcrazysuperplayer More than 1 year ago
The bet of the year is to key Smooth Air and Pyro in the 4th slot of all Derby superfectas. One of these two horses will finish fourth.
Bob Schweid More than 1 year ago
After reading Mr. Crist's book on exotic betting I realized two things. Exotic betting can be done much smarter then I was doing it. and 2, I'll never put Crist type money into exotics. I keep wondering why race tracks constantly make it tougher on us small players. The 10 cent super gives a small better a chance to score. Making them unavailable on Derby and Oaks day will just turn off more of us. Monmouth made them available for the Breeder's cup. Churchill's technology can not be less. Derby Day will always be huge. Go to Churchill the following Monday and there will be about 3,000. Keep doing this type of stuff and there will be less and less of us.