08/27/2009 11:21PM

A Night at the Fair


The Washington County Fair, about 15 miles from Saratoga on route 29 between Greenwich and Schuylerville, runs through Sunday and is worth a trip for the hot cider donuts alone.

On Thursday night at 7 p.m., traffic was backed up two miles, but you could still park only a quarter of a mile away.


Marty here is a Clydesdale and, what's more, a Black Clydesdale. Note and heed the sign under Marty's nose:


This is Patsy, a Belgian:


The midway features the usual: Games you can't win, rides you don't want to try too soon after your first corndog, and terrible funhouses with names like The Cuckoo Haus. And maybe it's me, but this futuristic ride just doesn't seem so futuristic in 2009:


All of the goats were cute, but this one caught my eye:


Notice the resemblance to a certain spleenless greyhound?


You do a lot of walking at the fair, and that requires a lot of fuel:


I had my first-ever deep-fried Twinkie. Not as bad as it sounds, honest. Plus, one corndog, one sausage, and four of the best hot cider donuts you will find from sea to shining sea.

And now, with lighter spirits and a heavier torso, on to the Friday card.