02/16/2012 2:44PM

New Blog Format


Hi folks,

I know that the recent change in the blog format may be a bit jarring, but I've been given some instructions that may help with posting and other issues.

"To comment on a DRF article or blog post, click the bar that says "Login" at the bottom of the post. A box will open up showing the logos of several social networks and email providers: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. There are 23 in all -- if you do not have any accounts with the providers on the first screen, click the arrow to the right. (AOL, for example, is on the second screen.) Choose which account you want to connect with the DRF comment system and click that logo.

A box will pop up asking you to log in on that network with your existing username and password. If you do that and click "Sign In," the pop-up will close and you will be ready to post a comment. The system will keep you signed in until you hit "Logout," and you will not have to complete a "Captcha" or any further passwords or verifications. If the blog you are commenting on has moderation, your comment will be published once the blogger approves it.

If you do not have an account with any of these networks, you can create one on any of the free services such as Twitter and use it to connect to the DRF comment system."

Again, these changes may be a bit overwhelming at first.  I've suspended this week's HG exercise until we get the hang of this new format.  If Randy wants to select another race, he may do so.  If not, I'll post a race when I return with a larger blog post early next week (two weeks worth of Beyers, questions and answers, HG past performances).  If you have any more questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact cservice2@drf.com and those issues will be forwarded to me immediately.

Hopefully, we'll get the hang of things quickly and can get back to our regularly scheduled programming here on the blog.

Have a wonderful weekend and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Dan Illman 

Yuwipi More than 1 year ago
Bernard, Thanks for your story. You bring a perspective that's made you one of my favorite DRF posters for years. As a late '60 US university product I can relate to many of the things in your story. Remember all that was good about her.
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Bernard Downes How sad, and bittersweet. Thank you for sharing, as I believe it may have hit home with many here. Bobc, your post was lovely and eloquent and sums up Dan's Formblog Family so well. BTW, I also had the Yahoo 'Anonymous' show up from time to time. I just log out, and log back in before I post, and make sure my name is in the heading :)
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Alex I enjoyed your post regarding the Portland Meadows race and West Seattle Boy. His lifetime record (110-26-14-20) and the fact that he is still competing at that advanced age is quite remarkable. Since I am also somewhat of an ancient one, I always root for those old guys. I am familiar with him because Emerald Downs used to be my home track and all of his races have been either there or Portland Meadows. Dick W
Alex More than 1 year ago
Yep, couldn't get it done yesterday, but Porfido (10) at Santa Anita & Castle Pines (9) at the Meadows both won. Say what you will, that horse has been running for a decade.
Dick W More than 1 year ago
Keith "after Microsoft bought up Emerald Downs for an Office Park..." Just for the sake of accuracy, I believe you meant...after Boeing bought up Longacres. I remember that because it was a sad day for horse racing in the Seattle area and I also made a few trips down to Portland just to see some live racing. Then, of course, Emerald Downs was built to replace Longacres a few years later. Even though I now live in Oregon, I have not been to Portland Meadows in many years. Dick W
Keith More than 1 year ago
Dick W (and Alex F). Of course, Longacres was bought up...I never saw Emerald Downes, but remembered the WA Horseman's Assiciation and the Pols batlingout the choice of a location for the replacement horse racing venue from the Emerald City's History rich, beautiful locale. But are you sure there wasn't a little Midrosoft influence in that move? Maybe as a prospective leasing tennant? I do recall speculation on that in the local press before I headed back east in 1995 when the Department of the Army was standing down from their beefed up numbers at Ft. Lewis where i worked in Madigan Army Medical Center's Social work Service from '99 thru '94. Keith L.. Keith L.
Keith More than 1 year ago
Alex F. Sorry you took offense at my humor. If you are new to the blog, well welcome. And I do know Portland Meadows...I used to travel the 90 minutes from Olympia, WA in the 90s after Micocrosoft bought up Emerald Downes for an Office Park...just to play live races. But studying for your JD...congratulations. Just what we need her;, another "mouthpiece" to chew on from time to time! LOL! Keith L.
Keith More than 1 year ago
Bernard Downes: Sincere condolences on your double loss of Jan. I can relate (in a way), as I once ditched one of my first High School girlfriends for her best friend, but remedied that by eventually marrying the girl I had jiltted her for, who was my wife for 27 years until an empty nest and my wander lust to recapture the 60s split us up. I do have to say that if you find a catharsis in writing of your experience, you might try fleshing that outline out, and produce a script...with all due respect, it has a certain ring of authenticity, period conciousness, romantic locale, and human fraility that could make a rewarding "chick flick", I believe. Keith L.
bobc More than 1 year ago
Bernard Downes I wrote that post to you from Anonymous. I dont' know why it came up Anonymous as it was not my intention, otherwise I would have used AOL. I now use Yahoo to log on and did not think it necessary to sign my name at the bottom. I guess there are still some bugs to be worked out. LOL bobc
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
Bernard, Thanks for sharing a fantastically interesting story. DavidM9999, You had mentioned perhaps meeting up with Formbloggers at Arlington. If you would like to be included, there are a few of us who meet up periodically. You can email me at cmmemmot4@aol.com if you wish to be on the list. PGM, ChicagoGerry and I have met up a few times along with some others. KeithL (I think) and VQ, Not that the MKB owner of Brother Francis, (who is still a maiden), has any business trash talking the owner and supporter of a multiple graded stakes winner, Drill.........But, I think the horse would be better served by keeping him at either distances of seven furlongs or less and/or never shipping. I have seen everyone of his races and that horse wants no part of longer distances. Another eighth and he was going to be passed in his last. He was all out to hang on. He may have had a physical advantage early in his two year old season, but I don't think that advantage exists anymore. It is also my understanding that he is a bit hot headed. Perhaps that trait causes him to have trouble shipping, I don't know for sure.......but if he were mine, I'd be watching out for some well paying sprints for three year olds and if he stays healthy, aim for the BC Sprint on his home track. TBTA
Okiesharp More than 1 year ago
Did Leparoux throw something away when returning to the winners circle with Battle Hardened after the Sam Davis win? Watch the replay about 12 seconds after the out rider releases him on the back side after the race.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bernard Downes, The fact you felt a desire to share your story with us is what makes this blog so compelling and differentiates it from most any blog on the internet. Although this is a Horse Racing Blog it is heartfelt stories such as yours’ and many other bloggers over the years that has managed to bring us all closer together. These stories which express one’s life experiences and the thoughtful and caring responses that have followed, add an incredible sense of “Family”, to random chance meetings in Cyberspace. And, yes, like in real life we can sometimes be a “dysfunctional family” but somehow, someway, we always end up allowing the “Love” to shine through. Sometimes in life we wonder, “What might have been”, and speculate. Whether it’s choosing a job, a place to live, a spouse or a horse that would have completed a winning Pick 6 Ticket. (I’ll leave it to you to determine the order of importance of those choices. LOL) We may never know for sure, but I dare say you seem to be a “Good Bloke” and that Jan missed out on marrying a wonderful Englishman. As an afterthought, perhaps if you had married Jan your future choices in life would not have found you writing on this blog and we would all be the “lesser” for it. P.S. I don’t know if you still followed the Pirates after 1971 but they won the World Series again in 1979 vs the Orioles (Sorry Alan). Their theme throughout that year was “We Are Family” much like this blog.