06/30/2008 11:44AM

Mother Goose Justice?


Should the determing factor in disqualifying a horse be a)whether a foul was committed or b)whether the foul affected the order of finish? If you believe in the former, Proud Spell deserved to be taken down from second to third in the Mother Goose Saturday. I believe in the latter, so I think it was a bad takedown that served neither parimutuel nor sporting justice.

Here's the race:

Forget about Proud Spell's awful trip -- the stumble at the start, the hesitant ride from Gabriel Saez as she gets trapped and finally shut off at the rail -- until she finally gets some daylight in deep stretch. She spurts past Never Retreat, though isn't quite clear of her when she comes out late and Never Retreat's rider checks.

Was that a foul? Yes. Did it affect the order of finish? Absolutely not. So why punish the bettors (I personally didn't have a nickel at stake on the decision) for a jockey error that did not change the outcome? The fairer thing to do is fine the rider, rather than the customers. Proud Spell drew $179k of a $206k place pool, and her disqualification produced the following wacky payoffs: Music Note paid $5.30 to win and $11.60 to place, and Never Retreat paid $20.00 to place. The dq also resulted in the redistribution of the entire $363,212 exacta pool, elevating the payout from around $8 to $36.40.

If there were any reasonable case that Never Retreat could have finished second, or if Hamsa had passed Never Retreat and the check had cost her third, Proud Spell should have come down. Instead, the technical recognition of a foul produced an unfair result. Some people believe that a foul is a foul is foul, but I would prefer to see the stewards exercise their judgment. Saez's share of the purse decreased from $5,000 to $2,500 with the dq -- why not just fine him $2500 instead of redirecting half a million in wagers?

Bobby Parmar More than 1 year ago
The decision taken by the NYRA stewards on july 16,2008 again proves the point that these bunch of uneducated stewards are passing judgement for race inquiries or obecjtions ruling totally against racing rules. These stewards are not CONSISTANT in their ruling. Looks for better value at different tracks as punters are losers at NYRA.
Rob More than 1 year ago
Watch the 5th at Colonial Downs on Saturday....The 3 worst DQ's Ive ever seen were all there...But nobody but me is watching so they dont get the publicity
wayne haehner More than 1 year ago
all three stewards should be fired after Proud Spell's DQ. This was the worst decision since Dr. Fager @ Garden State ~ 40 years ago.
clown_show More than 1 year ago
mark i feel your pain brother. I can't tell you how much more money i would have in my bank account if these meddling stewards would just stop playing god with OP's M. For every time i get placed up to cash, i get taken down 5 times, its a 5 to 1 ratio against for me.
Mark More than 1 year ago
I agree that it would be nice to know how these decisions are made. I got dq'd out of a superfecta at Delaware today 7/7/08 when the fourth place horse veered out at the top of the stretch and forced a fading 100-1 shot to veer out also. The affected horse was going to be last if it could have hitched a ride on a ferrari and the incident didn't affect the order. The original 4 placing horses were 4 of the 5 longest shots in the race and the 4th was replaced by the dead chalk to the tune of a $4,000 super for a 10 cent ticket. I figure that I would have won between 11 and 22 thousand for my ticket. Obviously I am miffed because I am being punished for an infraction that had no bearing on the outcome of the race.
clown_show More than 1 year ago
Buffalo, I understand your points, which are valid, personally, as sick of a feeling as i get when a horse or rider gets injured, i get a sicker feeling when i feel like money was stolen from me. No offense to horse or rider safety, but for me, i'm just looking out for numero uno first and foremost. Also, i'm not saying that there should be no policing of the game, i'm just saying that there needs to be some common sense and respect to the horse players who wagered on the winner.
buffalo joe More than 1 year ago
A big thanks to Flipper Dawson, i didn't hit the 20 cent super in WO 8th Wed., but thanks to your most excellent picks (6,8& 10) combined with the #5 horse which I liked winnning I hit a somewhat cold Tri, 5 over 6,10 mutiple times, bring to a sucessful conclusion to a rather lackluster evening. The $186. an change for each $2 bet was in my opinion quite generous considering there were several throw outs in the race. After speaking with you I decieded to leave the #8 off the ticket completly, although I understand your reason for using him. Had he hit the ticket it would have made it a large pyoff, but as you, I thought the trainer was reaching a little to far in scratching from a $10,000 claimer and going to a $66,000 conditioned event. thanks again.
Dunque More than 1 year ago
Buff Joe/Flipper - You really have us fooled. Nobody would ever even suspect that you are one and the same person, so cleverly and craftily have you spun your webs. Would you mind trolling somewhere else though? Those of us that want serious discussion on the blog find the one of you annoying as all hell.
C More than 1 year ago
Steve, I understand why KnowTheGame was eligible for Wednesday's 6th at Belmont (he's a 3YO), but I find this new spin on the "n3L" condition dangerous for players. The PPs will label the race as "Clm15000n3L", even though there was a 3-time winner in the field (in fact, the 'Closer Look' comments concerning KnowTheGame were dead wrong). Even if a very diligent player analyzes every condition header in the charts, they would still need the PPs for the race to know whether there were actually any 3-time winning 3YOs in the pseudo-n3L race... EaseMyMind, who was scratched, is a 3YO, but only has 2 wins. This is very confusing. Why did NYRA feel the need to mess around with the wording of this condition?
bochalls More than 1 year ago
Just got the news that Ellis Park will not open this Friday and maybe not at all......GOOD! I hope the Kentucky HBPA or whomever is holding back the signal gats exactly what they deserve. I bet the Derby and two races on the undercard this meet and that's it. Has this signal hijacking helped their cause? Do they have the $ they wanted? Are they happy with the way their shenanigans are going? They cut off their nose to spite their face; a move typically done by children who act out in a self destructive way to get what they want or to get attention. Well, you got it!!!