09/11/2010 1:06PM

Monmouth: Track Bias Carries Over


We're three races in on the first day of the "Meadowlands-at-Monmouth" meet and the track bias that was in play for the entire Labor Day weekend of racing is alive and well. Voytek, the winner of the opener, proved that the rail is not all bad by racing inside for much of the running in the opener but he, and the next two winners on the card, Halfbetterthannone and Emily Allstar, were wide into the stretch. In fact, all three were widest coming off the turn, and that makes sense in light of what trainer Joe Jennings told me earlier this week. Jennings, who gallops his own horses, said the crown of the track was the absolute best part of the surface. Also it does appear that the rail in the stretch is what's deep, not necessarily the inside all the way around the track. That's what Elvis Trujillo, who won 15 races over the four days here last weekend, said when asked about the bias.

The fact that Emily Allstar won the 3rd, to me, strongly indicates you want outside closers on the main track today. There was little speed in that sprint but she came from well out of it to just get up. On an even track, she seemed a cut below. Add in the apparent lack of pace and she seemed a longshot to hit the board. The fact that she won seems to verify the bias.