10/09/2010 3:52PM

Monmouth: Speed Good on Turf


We've had two turf races run so far at Monmouth Park and speed-types have won both of them. The latest score was by Marquet Madness, who scored at 3-1 in the 9th, was the 4th winner in as many Pick 5 races where the favorite was beaten, but the winning payout was less than $10.

They posted an early fraction of :21 3/5 for that last race, and the splits last weekend were also sizzing on the grass course. Something's not right there.

The Pick 5 payouts are insane on the surface, given the fact that we haven't had a winner pay as much as $10 so far, but that's what happens when you get A) a carryover, and B) no winning favorites. Here are the Pick 5 possibles (note that #1, Musket Man, opened at 1/5 on the board):

1) 749.15

2) 2186.65

3) 8335.20

4) 9031.35

5) 3094.80

6) 2578.50