07/02/2010 11:37AM

Monmouth: Scratches


1st Race:
    6     Unkissed     scratched
    14     She's Ambitious scratched

2nd Race:
    4     Ming Dynasty scratched
    7     Chips Are Down scratched
    13     Fort Seattle scratched
    14     Sam's Castle scratched

3rd Race:
    No scratches

4th Race:
    8     Tashi scratched
    13     Unique Ally scratched
    14     Last Tribute scratched

5th Race:
    7     Jersey Moon scratched
    11     Punch the Odds scratched

6th Race:
    1     Taste scratched
    10     Cristiane scratched
    12     Racyn With Gracyn scratched
    13     My Power Bullet scratched
    14     I'm With You scratched

7th Race:
    3     Windy Acres scratched
    12     P J Hooker scratched

8th Race:
    7     Unicorn Girl scratched
    9     What Time It Is scratched

9th Race:
    No scratches

10th Race:
    9     Naseeb scratched
    10     Embroidery scratched
    11     Ghoul scratched
    12     Buzzbee scratched
    13     Bling Bling Girl scratched

11th Race:
    12     Salmon Run scratched
    13     Runaway Legend scratched

12th Race:
    7     Mi Bandolera scratched