08/01/2010 12:05PM

Monmouth: Outside Paths best?


I'm not saying that the rail is dead by any means, but it could well be that the outer paths are better. That was the case yeterday, when outside speeds (front-runners off the rail) did best. That's the trip that Jersey Kiss got in winning the opener, and though Lots of Stones did come from well off the pace, he was outside for much of the running in the 2nd, and he was also the best horse in the race. Omniscient was also off the rail in winning the third race after racing just off the lead. That's not to say that stone closers or horses on the inside are at a serious disadvantage but those looking for early trends may keep an eye on this.

It does seem to be a very big crowd here. These overcast, threatening skies are not ideal but this type of weather is sometimes the best situation for big crowds, as beachgoers shun the sand for the cozy confines of Monmouth Park. The first train coming down this morning was packed -- I walked 150 yards to the gate and there were still people getting off. Reports are that the Garden State Parkway is at a virtual standstill near Exit 105, the main exit for Monmouth Park, as post time neared, and the lines for the concession stands are relatively deep already.