09/03/2010 11:52AM

Monmouth: No Sign of Earl...Yet


There's little question that the southern region of the state will feel some effects, if not suffer a direct hit, from the churning Hurricane Earl at some point today or tonight. But when? And how much? We'll find out soon enough, but if you're playing advance wagers of any type, including Pick 3's, 4's, or the Pick 5, proceed with caution, especially a little later on. It does appear that the early part of the card will be okay but according to reports there will be some type of rainfall here at some point today.

Right now, it's fast and firm, business as usual. It's worth noting that in the 7th race, Porcini Prince (#13) has scratched in from the AE list, and that completely changes the race, as he'll be a heavy favorite and very tough to beat.