09/05/2010 9:38AM

Monmouth: How's YOUR VPN?


Yesterday, while trying to get my crashed laptop working all day, a few things occurred to me. One was that 20 years ago, I was working exclusively with Macs, while most of the rest of the world was using PC's. Now, I use almost exclusively PC's, and everyone has Macs, which, it seems, never crash, unlike this godforsaken Toshiba Notebook. Less than 24 hours after Monmouth Park Publicity Director John Heims made a crack about the quality of my laptop, it died, right in the midst of looking up a pedigree for Mike Farrell. Just stopped working, with a white film covering the page, then a frozen screen. Which made it impossible to post on this blog.

That was another thing that struck me. Most days this summer there was no real bias to speak of at Monmouth. Yesterday, of course, with the rail deader than my computer, there was no way to post, since it requires use of a VPN. Which was installed only on my laptop. You don't know what VPN's are? Consider yourself lucky. They tell me they are Virtual Private Networks. Yesterday it stood for Very Painful Neverending Saga. Thankfully, the laptop started to respond on the train coming home, and I was able to "restore" to a point prior to when the conflict happened. Which, I must say, is pretty cool.

There's no telling if the main track bias will continue but keep a close eye on early results for the dirt races. As it stands now, though, I'll be playing against those horses who are inside, or who figure to get an inside trip.