05/29/2010 1:34PM

Monmouth: Heater in the 3rd


The photo finish camera was unable to separate Cadence King (#10) and Bombast (#11) in the 3rd race, and the dead heat will create two separate payouts in the early Pick 4. Bombast, under Deirdre Panas, looked home free with 100 yards to go, but Carlos Marquez Jr. kept Cadence King going and they were able to draw even with the leader on the wire.

Marquez, incidentally, is one fire. Even a spill last week, where he suffered a bruised hip, has not slowed him down.

We're through four races and the tote boards are still kiboshed. There was a momentary sign of life prior to the fourth race, as the infield board lit up all around, but it went back to sleep soon after, silencing a brief smattering of applause.