06/24/2011 1:00PM

Monmouth: Good? Muddy? SLOPPY!


They had the track listed as "Good" up until about ten minutes to post, which was preposterous, of course. It's been raining steadily here for upwards of an hour, and that was on top of precipitation already on the ground. It's now labeled "Muddy" but even that's misleading, as this track is "Sloppy". Obviously, there is no turf racing.

Fog is fairly thick but the backstretch is visible from the press box, which is of course good news for track announcer Larry Collmus, as well as Richie Feldman and Steve Hurley, the Equibase chartcallers. Those two are out of their enclosed office and in the main press box, as condensation has covered their "office" windows.