05/28/2011 5:13PM

Monmouth: Crimson China Wins Lamplighter


I couldn't believe Crimson China was 1/9 in the early betting for the Lamplighter, since he didn't look like an overwhelming favorite on paper, with Beachcombing's latest Beyer within reach of the favorite's top figures. But then I took a walk around the track and found out that he was a universal tip, and it explained things somewhat. He captured the Lamplighter by making the last run but it sure wasn't exceedingly easy, as Beachcombing made it a race and fought down to the wire.

Lots of chalk today, which made it tough to make any kind of serious score, but I'm still looking for Themanintheglass to win the finale, and he won't be favored. With 22 minutes to post for the John J. Reilly Stakes Joey P., a three-time winner of this race, is only at 5/2, and while I won't let him beat me (again) I am looking for Gunfighter to give him a race.