05/28/2011 11:38AM

Monmouth: Beautiful Day at the Shore


Couldn't be much nicer here. Some might complain it's a tad on the warm side, but that's what you'd expect from a horseplayer. Everyone else is giddy, it's so nice. They have a special set-up in the grandstand for the annual Hot Dog Festival, and happier about that, a middle-aged fat man could not be.

Heard a couple of things about the card on the way in that I'll share: Ever Always, the Jason Servis-trained returnee off a layoff of over two years, is ready to run in the 5th. I'll still bet against him, mind you, but I won't toss him completely. Also, Partyallnightlong, in today's 3rd, is doing well. Two short prices, sure, but it's all I have, and it helps me in that I won't take a complete stand against them.

Looking forward to two bets today: Arrakis (#1) in the 8th and Themanintheglass (#3) in the 12th. Until then, I'll sample a couple of dogs and report back on my personal winner.