10/22/2007 5:15PM

Monday Links


Start clicking: Here are some links to get you in the mood, and to take you to the cyber-cheatsheets where we'll be organizing our Breeders' Cup thoughts, picks and rankings during the week.

Click here for all-time top money-winning horses (minimum one North American start).

Click here for all-time top money-winning trainers.

Click here for the all-time top money-winning jockeys.

The two links below are what we'll be using all week as continuing work-in-progress Breeders' Cup scratch sheets. Right now they're just the pre-entries in alphabetical order by race, with William Hill antepost betting lines as of Monday morning and some general-interest info on each horse. I'll update them Tuesday when final entries are drawn to include post positions and ML and DRF odds lines, and as the week goes on turn it into a graded handicap with horses listed and ranked in order of preference.

Click here for Friday's Breeders' Cup spreadsheet.

Click here for Saturday's Breeders' Cup spreadsheet.

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing and viewing these sheets or any reasonable suggestions for improving them. I'm trying out Google Docs, which so far looks like a very handy way of presenting all this info without retyping it into this blog and fussing with getting things to line up properly. I'll be tinkering with the two sheets throughout the week and in theory they'll be updated in real time each time I make a change. Here's hoping.

The column headings on the spreadsheets should mostly be self-explanatory. In case some aren't:

ML--Morning-line odds
DRF--Daily Racing Form odds lines (Brad Free for Friday, Mike Watchmaker for Saturday)
WH--William Hill's U.K. antepost betting lines
HiBSF--Horse's career-best Beyer Speed Figure (any surface and distance)
St., Win--Horse's career starts and victories
HiWin--Highest level at which horse has won a race

Mike D More than 1 year ago
**** 3)I simply can't make a different play for myself than I do for the Capital customers. I'll feel like a dunce if that ticket wins and I don't, and like a crook if my tickets win and theirs doesn't. *** Steve, In addition to the horseracing blog, there are times when your words feel like an ethics blog. And I'm thinking the racing gods must approve.
Jack Pritchard More than 1 year ago
Dear Steve,How you maintain your "energy level" would be your largest selling book you could write.The proper way to play these breeder cup races, is "go easy until you get their money" and then hit it hard, if you play $1.00 pick-threes make it 2 or 3 dollars. double every thing you bet,as long as you have their money, but remember this is the toughest day of the year. Good luck fellow players and remember "Good speed horses DON'T stop"
jpbrooklyn More than 1 year ago
Steve, please know you are rockin' my world with those spreadsheets! I have so many notes already, and tonight is the night I start to narrow down my favories. Your spreadsheets will definitely help me make my final choices comes Friday. Thank you very very much! Side note: Many handicappers are suggesting War Pass's Champagne victory might have been "draining." Well, considering Pyro was making up a lot of ground to come in second, couldn't it be argued he too might be a bit drained? I was there for the Champagne, and to these eyes War Pass sure looked like he was crusing easily to the finish, while Asmussen was scrubbing Pyro hard.
Brian McLean More than 1 year ago
I think jockey is germane, I'd add a column for that. How many lengths does Jamie Spenser cost a horse?
Brian McLean More than 1 year ago
Great stuff. You are the man! Is there a difference between kids at Christmas and horse players at Breeders Cup? I think not....[well maybe age]
Tony More than 1 year ago
steve great idea to post your sheets .... This will be a big help for all of us . Maybe a big super is in my future for sat .thanks to the spreadsheets .....thanks again .
pappi0007 More than 1 year ago
steve i would like to hear your thoughts on the impending weather forecast which calls for showers thru out the week and maybe early saturday,i am not a big fan of the Monmouth surface,can u give any insight on what happens when it rains at Monmouth and is there any more bias than already exist ?
Scott More than 1 year ago
Thanks. Saves me some of trouble as I do one every year. Suggestions: Record at Distance: Total-1-2-3-4. Record for Year: Total-1-2-3-4. Surface Record/Preference: Turf or Main (sloppy). Synthetic track connections. Position at Second call. Running style. Time since last race.
Bob Grant More than 1 year ago
The BRAND-NEW Dime Supers in the BRAND-NEW Breeders Cup Races debut Friday. With Giant Fields, Huge Betting Pools, & lots of 'dead money'(like mine), I'd bet even-money at LEAST one of the Dime Supers this weekend will return +$1,000; maybe Double! Wacky things happen with big fields, so I'll be hitting the "All" button with a key horse first & second, & Part-Wheel three closers to suck-up for 3rd & 4th at nice prices! The 2 tickets will only cost $12 w/ A 14-horse field! Will you be venturing into Supers, or stick to Pick-3/4/6's?
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
I think you need a column like "Years since last win in an unrestricted race," so you don't get fooled by Commentator.