11/13/2008 2:26PM

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A couple years ago Tampa Bay Downs threw out several jockeys who were suspected of possibly fixing a race at , I believe, Great Lakes Downs. Great right? Not so fast my friend, As far as I know the case was never resolved (dan? bueler? anybody?).

Here's an article from August concerning one of the affected riders. 


To show how fragmented the industry has become, some tracks recognize these riders while others have banished them altogether.  It really is ridiculous that this "investigation" has dragged on so long without any answers.  Even though the "questionable" race that started this uproar occurred in Michigan (Great Lakes Downs), Terry Houghton was licensed to ride during the recently-concluded meet at Pinnacle Race Course, and he took home the jockey title there.


Dan, I'm sorry to go off-topic here, but I have a question about a particular race condition that I don't understand.  Can you (or anybody else) explain to me what the designation "Beaten Claiming" means?
I've never seen this out here in SoCal, so it must be something unique to east of the Mississippi.  I've asked a few folks out here, and nobody seems to know.

A beaten claimer is usually a claiming race with a variety of conditions.  Here's an example: 

"Claiming.  For three-year-olds or four-year-olds and upward that have never won three races."

This is a multi-tiered condition.  Any three-year-old can enter this race no matter how many races they've already won.  You could conceivably see a six- or seven-time winner in the field.  Older entrants must be eligible for a N3L condition (they have never won three races).  Some handicappers will give more weight to the younger horses in this race as they have more winning experience despite facing older and more seasoned foes.

Hope this helps.


I believe it was our esteemed leader who said he was "Leparouxed". Well I bet he would like to have been Leparouxed today...

Actually, I had the privilege of co-hosting the "Out of the Gate" program on the New York OTB channel on Tuesday, and was able to praise Leparoux thoroughly for his rides.  I must have used the words "textbook," "perfect," "crafty," and "brilliant" on about thirty occasions.  In a previous blog, when I was asked to defend the term "Leparouxed," I wrote

"Leparoux is obviously a top rider, but he sometimes can get a bit too "fine" with his mounts." 

Not exactly a public scourging, and I do believe that sometimes he is too patient.  On Tuesday, he was wonderful.  He went to the lead when it was warranted, and always seemed to be in a perfect spot off a speed duel.  He was on a headstrong runner in a turf race, and properly got the horse to relax by placing him in behind horses.  When it was time to push the button, he angled three wide midway on the turn to avoid the potential traffic jam inside, and rolled on by. 

As for being Leparouxed, I didn't match him, but five winners on top isn't too bad (hey, I never toot my horn around here).  I might have had more, but the collar that gives me electric shocks when I don't update the posts quickly enough malfunctioned, and I was almost comatose in the studio.  Thankfully for some, I was able to resist the urge to be hospitalized, canceled any dinner plans I may have had, and rushed to the nearest computer...


The definition of "Illmaned" of course is  having your secondary choices run 1-2-3 while your key selection runs poorly (and often last)...

And Dan, we all know you'll flip this around and win like 5 of these HG's in a row.
J. D

I think that's three weeks in a row I've "Illmaned" myself.  The top pick runs out, the second and third selections run 1-2 to the tune of a decent Exacta mutuel.  Maybe boxes aren't just for shoes after all?  I admit that I'm slow and/or stubborn to come around, but it's time for a change.  I can't treat three "B" horses like "A," B," and "C" plays.  I can't treat them like an "A" and two "B's."  If I have an "A," I should play him like an "A" (i.e. drop the hammer to Win or key heavy on top and only on top in exotics).  If I have several "B's," or "C's," maybe I should just box 'em, and hope for the best.  As for Sam P., I wrote

"I love him...

...well as much as a horseplayer can love a runner like Sam P."

That's like saying I love creamed spinach better than creamed corn.  I hate 'em both, but if I have to make a choice, then shiver me timbers, I'll eats me spinach.

That's why the HandiGambling exercises are so interesting.  They're making me rethink my strategy, and I'm willing to try something different next time.  Congrats to chicago gerry for his excellent selections.  He'll get to select next Wednesday's HandiGambling 110

J. D., I'd take a winning show bet right now.  The short-term goal is to beat Matt Carothers in the Hawthorne Survivor Contest that begins tomorrow.


Back later with some weekend stakes picks.

Annie More than 1 year ago
Funny all! When you read one, it makes you want to write one, doesn't it? Ha! I've got you all hooked. Congrats to all who are surviving, especially Laura, who's surviving two at a time. I am War Admiral. Good things come in small packages! Annie
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
opps, I just saw Dale also knew what ROFLMAO meant... Dale, you been hanging with us Blue Thongs? incognito? hmmmmm? SR Vegas
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Turnbackthealrm ROFLMAO 'R'olling 'O'n the 'F'loor 'L'aughing 'M'y 'A'ss 'O'ff !!! he-he-he, I learned that from the Blue Thong gals... SR Vegas
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Annie I saw the same DRF column!! Uncle Steve....could you hope for an early X-Mas present? Dream to Dream that Pioneerof the Nile may be comming to your "westside" way???? Good luck to the Zayats & their connections in So Cal! SR Vegas
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Hawthorne Survivor, I am going with #2 Supply Guy in the 4th. Short field only has to beat four to hit. Trn. is 24% in claimers, Supply Guy has hit three strait and loves the distance, in the $ 6/7. Good luck to alll!
Katieattherail More than 1 year ago
Good morning, all.... Hey, I'm War Admiral! The good thing in the small package, and my daddy would've been real proud of me in the BC Dreaming Contest! Although I blew out of the HAW Survivor contest yesterday, the good news is I picked up on a nice win ($ 11.20) on the Ocampo/Tomillo horse in the fourth...there's another one, today, Charming Bay in the 3rd. Good luck today..... Katieattherail
Gary More than 1 year ago
Felt pretty good about chalky, Bad Bandit, in the fourth for Hawthorne Survivor yesterday. Didn't win, but did get me through to today. Having learned from Annie and tencentcielo I've already selected #7 Boots Are Walking in race 4. Good luck to all bloggers still alive. Gary
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Laura & Annie, Saturday OLA stories. Just a thought,I'm using you as examples in wagering thoughts... Laura..HLWD PLACE/PICK ALL Your story would have: 2/ 3-6/ 1/ 4/ 4-2/ 1-4/ 2/ 9/ 6-13 ok...I'm curious, what is the total $ for a 1$ place pick/all for the above. And then, HLWD 2$ P6 would look like: 4/ 2-4/ 1-4/ 2/ 6/ 6-13 = $16. Good Luck Laura on your story ................. SR Vegas (HLWD) my 2$ P6 story for Sat...would look like this: 7/ 4/ 4/ 6/ 4-9/ 4 =4$ ................................ Annie: Aqua Sat P6 2/ 2/ 2/ 6/ 2/ 6 = 2$ ( I would NEVER thought a horse is named Morethan Four Hours, Stud Muffin-YES, but not the other...great story!) CD Sat P6 8/ 1/ 4/ 5/ 10/ 10 =2$ ........................ I never realized a P6 could be so cheap (well,ahhh....economical) & entertaining. SR Vegas
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Note, not for the frivoluos & fun hearted....... Laura, WHEN DID YOU JOIN OLA? ...with the extra names added..That was great and as they say in the Guiness guys' commercial "BRILLIANT!" This is too much fun, between you, Annie, TCC, :Cayman01 where are you?: with so much material & so little time....I'll throw another one out there. (ok, I've missed OLA for awhile & I am totally in withdrawls now, so I'll deal with it & hope you' all can too!) he-he-he HLWD SAT P6 As she looked across the golf course, Lorena OCHOA said..This is good, LET'SPICK UPTHEPACE even though it is UNSUALLY HOT' right now. She returned her focus to..TEVEZ THE TIGER, the best footballer in the world. An absolute Argentinian legend. And she wanted to be that same legend in the Womens' Golf World. So thinking "YOU LIFT ME UP" as her mantra, and being a bit nervous with the (FIRE N'BRIMSTONE )in her belly, She stood over that last putt and thought, just TAP IT IN... (the applause echoed over her as she won )as another world champion. ..ok, I selected two horses in the last leg(ie:TCC) & ALOT of creative licence here. SR Vegas
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
When I logged on tonight I was going to respond to Caymon01, regarding his earlier post about sprinting and graded stakes. More on that in awhile. DRF's front page: Tin Cup Chalice to the Japan Cup Dirt! Really excited me as I just love this horse and connections. While we didn't have a TC winner this year Tin Cup Chalice did win the NY bred TC! Albeit when I really became a big fan of Tin Cup was his Indian Derby win. He beat a good field that day, including Pyro. If you have not seen the ID, go to racereplays and watch. You might be able to find it for free on YouTube? Anyway I really applaud Michael Lecesse (Trn/part owner) for his display of being a true sportsman for the sport and entering Tin Cup Chalice. I for one will really be rooting for him to win! One more thought on Tin Cup, while there have been many headliners this year in racing including Zenyatta, Peppers Pride, Zarkava winning the Arc, the filly Eight Belles finishing 2nd in the Derby, and Big Brown winning the Derby from the #20 post in record sheet time, IMO Tin Cup Chalice's accomplishments from a news stand point rank up there with any of them. Caymon01, while I agree there are way to many stakes, in particular G-1 stakes I have to disagree with throwing sprints out. This coming Monday in London there will be a Cartier (equivalent to the USA Eclipse) handed out for the best UK sprinter. My pick for that award is Marchand D'Or. While pure speculation on my part, I can't help but think Freddie Head, Marchand D'or's trainer has to have second thoughts about not bringing him for the BC after seeing how Raven's Pass and Henrythenavigator handled the synthetic. Sprinting in Europe is alive and very competive. If you don't think so go to: http://www.attheraces.com/index.aspx and watch the 6F Grp-1 Jubilee S. at Royal Ascot this past June. Twenty horses in a 6F race is maybe even more tense than a 22 horse field in 12/14F race. BTW Royal Ascot was not the only G-1 Sprint in the UK, I know of at least six others. Speaking of Royal Ascot, I have to add those five days of racing supercedes even the Derby and BC from an excitement standpoint for me. The Queen herself attends, with a grand entrance each day. They drew 280k fans for the five days this year and only one day was on a weekend. (SAT.) While on the subject of UK horses, I sure everyone knows about Mastercraftsman (Danehill Dancer), well here are some other two yr. olds that merit respect: Intense Focus (Giants Causeway), Rip Van Winkle (Galileo), Delegator (Dansili) Fame and Glory (Montjeu). Those that have been around for a year should recall that I posted about this time last year that Zarkava was talented enough to be the 2008 Arc Winner. Well, early prediction again- Fame and Glory with no health problems would be my bet to win the Arc in 2009!!! Handigambling 109, while taking a bad beat, I have no regrets. My $4 ex box still made me an $80+ winner. My real regret is changing my super bet at the last minute to drop the #2 (only speed) and adding Sam P. Maybe one of these days I will realize that winners come from with-in and, not reading others thoughts.