01/13/2014 4:42PM

In Memoriam - 2013


A look back at a few of the countless beloved Thoroughbreds we lost in 2013.  Each gave his or her best, whether on a national stage or a much smaller one.

Above:  AROUSE (b. 2001, by Lure - Buena Noche, by Quiet American)

Above:  BASKET WEAVE (with Nina Hagen) (1981, by Best Turn - Pass the Basket, by Buckpasser)

Above: BIG SUR (1989, by Alydar - Laday, by Lyphard)

Above: BRIAN'S TIME (with Darby Dan's Joan Phillips, at Saratoga) (1985, by Roberto - Kelley's Day, by Graustark)

Above:  CAPTAIN STEVE (1997, by Fly So Free - Sparkling Delite, by Vice Regent)

Above:  CHARMED HOUR (2011, by Harlan's Holiday - Voodoo Lily, by Baldski)

Above:  COLONIAL AFFAIR (Julie Krone up) (1990, by Pleasant Colony - Snuggle, by Nijinsky II)

Above:  CRUELLA (1982, by Tyrant - Stage Door Dolly, by Stage Door Johnny)

Above:  DAYJUR (1987, by Danzig - Gold Beauty, by Mr. Prospector)

Above:  DILIGENT GAMBLER (Leah Gyarmati up) (2001, by Diligence - Vegas Lady, by Personal Flag)

Above:  DISPUTE (Jerry Bailey up)  (1990, by Danzig - Resolver, by Reviewer)

Above:  DRY MARTINI (2003, by Slew Gin Fizz - Jon's Kimberly, by Criminal Type)

Above:  DULLAHAN (as a foal with his dam Mining My Own, and Judy Needham and Emilie Fojan) (2009, by Even the Score - Mining My Own, by Smart Strike)

Above:  DYNAMOMETER (2000, by Dynaformer - Fly North, by Pleasant Colony)

Above:  FAUX FINISH (2004, by Guaranteed Gold - Puchi Trap, by Puchilingui)

Above:  HARLAN'S HOLIDAY (Edgar Prado up) (1999, by Harlan - Christmas in Aiken, by Affirmed)

Above:  HEAVENLY PRIZE (Jan Rushton up) (champion, 1991, by Seeking the Gold - Oh What a Dance, by Nijinsky II)

Above: IN EXCESS (1987, by Siberian Express - Kantado, by Saulingo)

Above:  IRISH ACTRESS (right, 1987, by Seattle Song - Dianette, by Thorn)

Above:  JUMRON (1992, by Sharpo - Flambera, by Akarad)

Above:  KLASSY BRIEFCASE (1985, by Medieval Man - Leather Gallery, by The Pruner)

Above:  LADY D'ACCORD (1987, by D'Accord - Avichi, by Damascus)

Above:  LIVE LIVELY (2010, by Medaglia d'Oro - Glacken's Gal, by Smoke Glacken)

Above:  LOTKA (1983, by Danzig - Kennelot, by Gallant Man)

Above:  MARQUETRY (with Michael Blowen) (1987, by Conquistador Cielo - Regent's Walk, by Vice Regent)

Above:  MAUI MARK (2005, by Unusual Heat - Dalymount, by Man from Eldorado)

Above:  MENTOR CANE (Humberto Gomez up) (2010, by Mizzen Mast - Vixana, by Gone West)

Above:  MINER'S MARK (outside, Chris McCarron up. Colonial Affair, on rail, also died in 2013) (1990, by Mr. Prospector - Personal Ensign, by Private Account)

Above:  MUSIC MERCI (1986, by Stop the Music - Merci Croquet, by Jacinto)

Above:  NEHRO (Carmen Rosas up) (2008, by Mineshaft - The Administrator, by Afleet)

Above:  PATCHEN BEAUTY (1995, by Hatchet Man - Precious Beauty, by Jatullah)

Above:  POINTS OFFTHEBENCH (2009, by Benchmark - Mo Chuisle, by Free House)

Above: PUERTO MADERO (Kent Desormeaux up) (1994, by Gallantsky - Paty Game, by Saratoga Game)

Above:  RICOCHET COURT (Rosie Napravnik up) (2010, by Doneraile Court - Rose Jade, by Jade Hunter)

Above:  ROCKPORT HARBOR (Stewart Elliott up) (2002, by Unbridleds Song - Regal Miss Copelan, by Copelan)

Above:  SAGINAW (2006, by Peruvian - Devilzene, by Devils Bag)

Above:  SECRET COMPASS (2011, by Discreet Cat - Maria's Pride, by Marias Mon)

Above:  SEWICKLEY (Angel Cordero, Jr. up) (1985, by Star de Naskra - Surgery, by Dr. Fager)

Above:  SILIC (left) (1995, by Sillery - Balletomane, by Sadlers Wells)

Above:  SILVER TRAIN (2002, by Old Trieste - Ridden in Thestars, by Cormorant)

Above:  SLEW CITY SLEW (1984, by Seattle Slew - Weber City Miss, by Berkley Prince)

Above:  STORM CAT (one of history's greatest sires. 1983, by Storm Bird - Terlingua, by Secretariat)

Above:  STORM CAT (he gets two photos, because he is Storm Cat)

Above:  SUMMER BIRD (the morning after his Belmont Stakes victory) (2006, by Birdstone - Hong Kong Squall, by Summer Squall)

Above:  TAKE CONTROL (as a foal, with his Horse of the Year dam Azeri) (2007, by A.P. Indy - Azeri, by Jade Hunter)

Above:  TALL GLASS O'WATER (1982, by Thin Slice - Water Baby, by North Sea)

Above:  TEN MOST WANTED (2000, by Deputy Commander - Wanted Again, by Criminal Type)

Above:  TURALLURE (2007, by Wando - Personal Allure, by Wekiva Springs)

Above:  TWILIGHT RIDGE (as a yearling, and 20 years later) (1983, by Coxs Ridge - Waving Sky, by Quibu)

Above:  UNACCOUNTED FOR (Pat Day up) (1991, by Private Account - Mrs Jenney, by The Minstrel)

Above:  UNBRIDLED'S SONG (breaking his maiden, Mike Smith up) (1993, by Unbridled - Trolley Song, by Caro)

Above:  UNBRIDLED'S SONG in 2012 (1993, by Unbridled - Trolley Song, by Caro)

Above:  WILDCAT'S SMILE (2009, by Forest Wildcat - Serenity's Smile, by Dixie Brass)

TOMORROW:  A photo blog of the two horses whose deaths meant the most to me in 2013.

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This is nowhere near a complete listing - just some horses I was fortunate to photograph over the years.  So, please, no, "Why didn't you include...????," with a smattering of question marks.  A special thanks to Ashley Paige Tamulonis.  While there are several sites that keep track of significant horses' passing during the year, Ms. Tamulonis kept a nice list and was willing to share it.

Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
So many too young. Beautiful all. RIP
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
The photos left me speechless, heartbroken and happy all at the same time. So many old favorites to admire again and yet sad because they are gone. Thanks for the memories of all these beautiful athletes.
Beth Davis More than 1 year ago
Thank you for the beautiful photos and descriptions. I didn't know all of them, but each was special when viewed through your lens, Barbara.
Michelle Pitts More than 1 year ago
goodness, Faux Finish was a beautiful color!
Yuwipi More than 1 year ago
These photos evoke so many memories. It seems like yesterday that I had the great joy to see many of them (and their sires and dams) race, and yet it also seems like another lifetime. Klassy Briefcase was sired by my very first favorite horse, Medieval Man. I was so fond of Heavenly Prize. The list goes on for all of us I'm sure. Thanks for allowing us to remember them all.
Dan McEnery More than 1 year ago
Dry Martini R.I.P Did not know that he had passed away. A stakes winner for both Billy Turner & Barclay Tagg. Loved watching him run in N.Y. & Florida.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just list the names of these wonderful animals and it is powerful enough---add the photographs to that list and it is poignant indeed. I had intended to thank both Barbara L. and Ashley T. for their efforts but I've really got to go locate the source of whatever is giving me a slight case of the sniffles and making my eyes water...
ctgreyhound More than 1 year ago
I've got to wonder if Monzante is one of the horses in tomorrow's feature. Meanwhile, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So true in these memorable pictures. Remarkable one and all.
Karen Rhodes More than 1 year ago
These are all Barbara Livingston's photos, she might not have one of Monzante? But I am sure no disrespect meant if so.
Barbara Livingston More than 1 year ago
I must have seen Monzante in the '09 Breeders' Cup but I couldn't access those images readily, ctgreyhound. I'm sorry! with his 43 starts, he sure merited remembrance. Thank you. And Karen Rhodes, thanks for your nice comment, too!
Lawrence Vaccarelli More than 1 year ago
again with the magic and the lens...it is a true pleasure to admire your work.
Wendy Parrish More than 1 year ago
I was staying strong but I broke when I saw Dullahan as a foal....then came the flood gates. Thanks Barbara for your beautiful photos. In the end, they always make me feel better.
Jamie Gillispie More than 1 year ago
Me too Wendy......I was shocked when I heard that Dullahan had left us.....I was always rooting for him. I'm grateful we have his brother Mine That Bird to look at :***(
Susan Huart More than 1 year ago
Me too:(