01/13/2014 3:42PM

In Memoriam - 2013


A look back at a few of the countless beloved Thoroughbreds we lost in 2013.  Each gave his or her best, whether on a national stage or a much smaller one.

Above:  AROUSE (b. 2001, by Lure - Buena Noche, by Quiet American)

Above:  BASKET WEAVE (with Nina Hagen) (1981, by Best Turn - Pass the Basket, by Buckpasser)

Above: BIG SUR (1989, by Alydar - Laday, by Lyphard)

Above: BRIAN'S TIME (with Darby Dan's Joan Phillips, at Saratoga) (1985, by Roberto - Kelley's Day, by Graustark)

Above:  CAPTAIN STEVE (1997, by Fly So Free - Sparkling Delite, by Vice Regent)

Above:  CHARMED HOUR (2011, by Harlan's Holiday - Voodoo Lily, by Baldski)

Above:  COLONIAL AFFAIR (Julie Krone up) (1990, by Pleasant Colony - Snuggle, by Nijinsky II)

Above:  CRUELLA (1982, by Tyrant - Stage Door Dolly, by Stage Door Johnny)

Above:  DAYJUR (1987, by Danzig - Gold Beauty, by Mr. Prospector)

Above:  DILIGENT GAMBLER (Leah Gyarmati up) (2001, by Diligence - Vegas Lady, by Personal Flag)

Above:  DISPUTE (Jerry Bailey up)  (1990, by Danzig - Resolver, by Reviewer)

Above:  DRY MARTINI (2003, by Slew Gin Fizz - Jon's Kimberly, by Criminal Type)

Above:  DULLAHAN (as a foal with his dam Mining My Own, and Judy Needham and Emilie Fojan) (2009, by Even the Score - Mining My Own, by Smart Strike)

Above:  DYNAMOMETER (2000, by Dynaformer - Fly North, by Pleasant Colony)

Above:  FAUX FINISH (2004, by Guaranteed Gold - Puchi Trap, by Puchilingui)

Above:  HARLAN'S HOLIDAY (Edgar Prado up) (1999, by Harlan - Christmas in Aiken, by Affirmed)

Above:  HEAVENLY PRIZE (Jan Rushton up) (champion, 1991, by Seeking the Gold - Oh What a Dance, by Nijinsky II)

Above: IN EXCESS (1987, by Siberian Express - Kantado, by Saulingo)

Above:  IRISH ACTRESS (right, 1987, by Seattle Song - Dianette, by Thorn)

Above:  JUMRON (1992, by Sharpo - Flambera, by Akarad)

Above:  KLASSY BRIEFCASE (1985, by Medieval Man - Leather Gallery, by The Pruner)

Above:  LADY D'ACCORD (1987, by D'Accord - Avichi, by Damascus)

Above:  LIVE LIVELY (2010, by Medaglia d'Oro - Glacken's Gal, by Smoke Glacken)

Above:  LOTKA (1983, by Danzig - Kennelot, by Gallant Man)

Above:  MARQUETRY (with Michael Blowen) (1987, by Conquistador Cielo - Regent's Walk, by Vice Regent)

Above:  MAUI MARK (2005, by Unusual Heat - Dalymount, by Man from Eldorado)

Above:  MENTOR CANE (Humberto Gomez up) (2010, by Mizzen Mast - Vixana, by Gone West)

Above:  MINER'S MARK (outside, Chris McCarron up. Colonial Affair, on rail, also died in 2013) (1990, by Mr. Prospector - Personal Ensign, by Private Account)

Above:  MUSIC MERCI (1986, by Stop the Music - Merci Croquet, by Jacinto)

Above:  NEHRO (Carmen Rosas up) (2008, by Mineshaft - The Administrator, by Afleet)

Above:  PATCHEN BEAUTY (1995, by Hatchet Man - Precious Beauty, by Jatullah)

Above:  POINTS OFFTHEBENCH (2009, by Benchmark - Mo Chuisle, by Free House)

Above: PUERTO MADERO (Kent Desormeaux up) (1994, by Gallantsky - Paty Game, by Saratoga Game)

Above:  RICOCHET COURT (Rosie Napravnik up) (2010, by Doneraile Court - Rose Jade, by Jade Hunter)

Above:  ROCKPORT HARBOR (Stewart Elliott up) (2002, by Unbridleds Song - Regal Miss Copelan, by Copelan)

Above:  SAGINAW (2006, by Peruvian - Devilzene, by Devils Bag)

Above:  SECRET COMPASS (2011, by Discreet Cat - Maria's Pride, by Marias Mon)

Above:  SEWICKLEY (Angel Cordero, Jr. up) (1985, by Star de Naskra - Surgery, by Dr. Fager)

Above:  SILIC (left) (1995, by Sillery - Balletomane, by Sadlers Wells)

Above:  SILVER TRAIN (2002, by Old Trieste - Ridden in Thestars, by Cormorant)

Above:  SLEW CITY SLEW (1984, by Seattle Slew - Weber City Miss, by Berkley Prince)

Above:  STORM CAT (one of history's greatest sires. 1983, by Storm Bird - Terlingua, by Secretariat)

Above:  STORM CAT (he gets two photos, because he is Storm Cat)

Above:  SUMMER BIRD (the morning after his Belmont Stakes victory) (2006, by Birdstone - Hong Kong Squall, by Summer Squall)

Above:  TAKE CONTROL (as a foal, with his Horse of the Year dam Azeri) (2007, by A.P. Indy - Azeri, by Jade Hunter)

Above:  TALL GLASS O'WATER (1982, by Thin Slice - Water Baby, by North Sea)

Above:  TEN MOST WANTED (2000, by Deputy Commander - Wanted Again, by Criminal Type)

Above:  TURALLURE (2007, by Wando - Personal Allure, by Wekiva Springs)

Above:  TWILIGHT RIDGE (as a yearling, and 20 years later) (1983, by Coxs Ridge - Waving Sky, by Quibu)

Above:  UNACCOUNTED FOR (Pat Day up) (1991, by Private Account - Mrs Jenney, by The Minstrel)

Above:  UNBRIDLED'S SONG (breaking his maiden, Mike Smith up) (1993, by Unbridled - Trolley Song, by Caro)

Above:  UNBRIDLED'S SONG in 2012 (1993, by Unbridled - Trolley Song, by Caro)

Above:  WILDCAT'S SMILE (2009, by Forest Wildcat - Serenity's Smile, by Dixie Brass)

TOMORROW:  A photo blog of the two horses whose deaths meant the most to me in 2013.

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This is nowhere near a complete listing - just some horses I was fortunate to photograph over the years.  So, please, no, "Why didn't you include...????," with a smattering of question marks.  A special thanks to Ashley Paige Tamulonis.  While there are several sites that keep track of significant horses' passing during the year, Ms. Tamulonis kept a nice list and was willing to share it.