07/02/2009 4:58PM

Medication: RSVP


I've been asked to make a speech next month and I'd like your help.


I've been invited to speak at the Jockey Club’s Round Table Conference in Saratoga Aug. 23 about “the way Thoroughbred racing medication issues are perceived by bettors, the public and the media.” In order to collect and present a representative range of viewpoints, I invite readers to share their opinions and recommendations on this thorny topic -- right here in the comment section of this post.

I'm hesitant to frame what I hope will be a lively discussion here by posing any questions at this point. One of the things I'm curious about is which aspects of the entire topic are of your greatest interest or concern. Since I've got 52 days until the speech, perhaps I'll come back to you with some more specific queries before then. For now, I'd just like to see how the discussion begins and where it goes.

If your comments exceed Typepad's capacity to display them all, I'll keep reposting this item with a new comment section as often as necessary. I don't want anyone's contributions to drop off the bottom of this page if we get to 101 responses.

I thank everyone in advance for participating and helping out here. I know many of you feel passionately about this issue, and I appreciate your taking the time to make your voice heard.