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The Lou Lepper Christmas cards: 1948


            Lou Lepper

You remember that old song beginning, “All alone, all alone, nobody home but me.”  Well, Lou Lepper, my owner, thinks that it would be a good title for this picture of me.  Maybe you think this picture shows just an exercise gallop, but you’re wrong. It was snapped at the finish of a stake race, the “Rock Creek Park” at Laurel last October. Where are all the other horses? Well, something must have detained them. Or maybe they just got tired of chasing me. And how we girls love to be chased, around a racetrack – or anywhere else!Let me introduce myself. My name is Slammuring. Funny name, isn’t it? But I came by it naturally, for my sire was Grand Slam and my dam was Murmuring – real quality, both of them. I trace my ancestry to Mad Hatter, the great Whitney horse, and Coquetry.  Good people all the way back. The present generation is quality too. I’m a half sister to Mad Sweep and Betty Main and America Fore and Wayne County. Any follower of the races can tell you about ’em.

I’m three years old; will be four come January 1, when all horses have a birthday. I was sick as a two-year-old and didn’t go to the races. But this year, I really put some oats in the bin for Lou – more oats than I could eat in a lifetime. I won my maiden race on August 25, at Saratoga. Beat a good field, too. Then I went down to Belmont, the “society” track on long Island, and showed those swells the difference between racing and fooling. I won the “Riverwood” there on September 17.

Then, just to prove that all tracks looked alike to me, I showed a lot of sprinters the way home in the “Anne Arundel” at Laurel, down in Maryland on October 1. By that time, the “smart money” began to appreciate me and in my next start the price had shortened up a lot. But that didn’t scare the wise guys and I rewarded their confidence by winning the “Rock Creek Park” at the same track.

Lou Lepper says I’m one of the prettiest gals he ever knew. He ought to, with my number coming up first on the mutuel board four times in about six weeks. They say I have a Roman nose, which isn’t supposed to be pretty. But I’d just as soon have an elephant’s trunk if I could keep on getting it under the wire ahead of the horses with classic features.  It isn’t the shape of your nose that counts in racing: it’s where you put it.

I’m very glad that I’ve been able to win for Lou, because he was feeling mighty low this summer over the loss of Off Islander, whose picture was on this Christmas card last year. The poor fellow had a leg broken at Delaware Park, and that means the end of a horse’s career.

Lou Lepper and I both wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year right from the heart. We hope that 1949 will bring you every day as much happiness as a horse-owner gets when he sees one of his stable come down in front at 100 to 1.

(Slammuring raced 127 times until age 9 with 13 wins, 8 seconds and 13 thirds, with earnings of $25,530.)

The Lou Lepper Christmas cards

Click images for a closer look at each card and to read Lepper's Christmas messages. All Christmas card images by Barbara D. Livingston from her collection.

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