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The Lou Lepper Christmas cards: 1944


1944 Christmas cardMay the days ahead
Carry you over pleasant ways
To happiness.
                   Lou Lepper


Hello everybody! I’ll just bet you are surprised to see a picture of a little girl on Lou Lepper’s Christmas card. The truth is that I persuaded him that if he kept on featuring boys, his friends would think he had become a misogynist. Confidentially, he is one of the least misogynistic gentlemen of my acquaintance – quite the contrary, my dears.

And why shouldn’t a filly have her picture on a Christmas card? One of my sex, Regret, was good enough to win the Kentucky Derby from a lot of snooty gentlemen in 1915, and I guess a couple of us girls didn’t do so badly on the track this year. I don’t like to brag, but I didn’t eat much dust myself. I started seven times, won twice and finished second five times. I could just as well have won more races, but I made some mistakes - attributable to extreme youth, of course. I’ve promised Lou that it’s going to be different next year.

My name is Chronoflite. Isn’t that pretty? Eddie Veil named me after something that goes on the instrument board of an aeroplane – a combination of an eight-day clock and a gadget to measure time flight. At first I didn’t like the idea of being named after an old eight-day clock, as it seemed to imply that they could time my races with one. But Lou explained that it was very appropriate for a high-flying filly to be named after a part of a high-flying aeroplane, so that made it all right.

I am two years old and will be three on January first. (All horses have a birthday on New Year’s Day). I’m wearing a chestnut coat that Lou says is the finest he has ever seen on any filly – four-legged or two-legged. I have a white blaze on my face and four long white stockings - genuine nylon that I grew all by myself. My daddy was Balladier and my mama was Opera Bouffe, whose daddy was Caruso. So you see I’m real “quality.” Lou says I’m the prettiest thing on four legs in the world, but I’ll bet he tells that to all the girls, the old flatterer.

Lou and I both wish you a very Merry Christmas and we hope that the year 1945 will bring you every happiness, including the end of this terrible war and the safe return of all those boys we love. And be sure to come out and see me sometime next summer when the racing season is on.

(The lovely Chronoflite started 11 times at 2 in 1944, her only year to race.  She won twice with 5 seconds and a 3rd for earnings of $5,200. She might have died as she did not race after that, and there is no record of any produce)

The Lou Lepper Christmas cards

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