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The Lou Lepper Christmas cards: 1942


1942 Christmas cardWhile rich men sigh and poor men fret
Dear me! We can’t spare Christmas yet.
                                 Lou Lepper


Surely you remember me – I’m Appealing, that horse Lou Lepper is always talking about.  He used to brag of my success on the track and I really did pretty well, too.  But that’s all over now and I’m trying to be as successful a “Papa” as I was a racer, until that injury ended my career on the turf.

Like all regular parents, I am now living again in my children. I guess it is natural to be proud of one’s offspring, and it looks as if I’m going to have something to be proud of, as I sent four two-year-olds to the races last season and had three winners and a second. Not bad, if I do say so. I have seventeen other sons and daughters who will be two-year olds in 1943, and I think there are some among them who are going to be good enough for me to throw out my chest and say he’s MINE. But whether they turn out to be winners or also-rans, I know that I can count on Lou Lepper’s friendship, and that’s what counts most.

Speaking of real friendships, both Lou and I wish you the very best of the season’s greetings. We know there’s a war on and that everyone is suffering in a greater or lesser degree, but all wars end, and so will this one – with a glorious victory for our cause. For that matter, everything ends except friendship. Ours for you will last not only through this war, but until the end of our days.

(Appealing - 1933 b. h. by Wise Counsellor - Hauton, by High Time.  31 starts, 10 wins, 3 seconds, 7 thirds, and earnings of $16,935.  Won the Mackinac H. and Roger Williams Stakes, placed in several stakes.  Appealing later stood at stud.)

The Lou Lepper Christmas cards

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