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The Lou Lepper Christmas cards: 1941


1941 Christmas cardThe charm of
Christmas lies in the
thought that we live
on in the memory of
our Friends.


Please don’t think that my long nose is out of joint, far from it, but I feel it is high time that Lou introduced me to his friends, instead of always featuring those horses of his. So I said to him the other day – “Look, Lou, what have those nags of yours got that I haven’t?”  He couldn’t think of a good answer for that one, but he promised to put my picture on his 1941 Christmas card – so here I am.

I am glad of this chance to prove to you that Lou’s love for animals isn’t confined to the equine species alone. Just between you and me, I think he loves everything that breathes, and wishes well to man and beast alike.

My name is Snow Cloud of Kerrin and I’m a pure white collie. If you’ll forgive my being personal, I’ll tell you that my family tree goes right back to the Ark, and while I haven’t any silver cups, I do have some blue ribbons which I won in competition with other white Collies. But that doesn’t make any difference to Lou – he says he would rather have me “Best of Pals” than “Best in Show” or “Best of Breed” or any of those other things that dog show judges hand out without even knowing the dogs personally. Lou says that you have to live with a dog to appreciate him and that what’s in a dog’s heart is much more important than his manners in a show ring.

Merry Christmas!                                              Cloudie.

The Lou Lepper Christmas cards

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