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The Lou Lepper Christmas cards: 1940


1940 Christmas cardTHE BOYS GROW UP

Remember these young gentlemen of the turf?  Naturally you don’t, for you have seen them only once before and they have grown a lot since then. Their pictures appeared on my Christmas card a year ago – two gangling, gawky colts, all legs and funny angles.  They were shown with their mothers then, but now they are very much on their own

These youngsters have a lot in common and a great heritage to live up to. Their daddy is Hard Tack, one of the finest sires ever foaled in America. He came from speedy ancestors and he has been producing speed, his sire being that greatest of the great – Man o’ War, affectionately known as “Big Red,” who is still enjoying life down on his Kentucky farm.  Hard Tack is the sire of Seabiscuit, so you see I have every reason to expect great success at the track with these colts.

I haven’t named these young aristocrats as yet, and I’m going to be very careful about it, for they are showing such marvelous trials that I want to pick something really distinctive for them to use when they go to the races.  Maybe you can help me?

At the left is the son of Murmuring, daughter of Mad Hatter, whose specialty as running in the mud. This fellow takes after his grandpa, so be on the lookout for him when the going is soft. At the right is Opera Bouffe’s son, she being by Caruso out of Caricature, and a splendid runner, whose career was cut short by blindness. This colt is her second, and I think she is going to have many reasons to be proud of him.

Here’s hoping that next year I’ll be able to show you pictures of these fine colts passing the judges’ stand in front. If there is anything to heredity they can’t miss.

This year more than ever
Before it is fitting for
Us to pause and consid-
er the simple statement
that expresses all the
True spirit of Christmas
…Peace on earth,
Goodwill to men….
                  Lou Lepper

(Song o' War and America Fore's records appear in previous blog entry.)

The Lou Lepper Christmas cards

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