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Let's get to some of your questions and comments.


I will go $100.00 win on # 7 with Jockey jean cruguet on board. Last time I bet on Cruguet was when he was training Shebakayskittycat. Hey Dan how about pulling up the pp's of Sheba skayskittycat, or however you spell it.
dale tillotson

The past performances for Shebekayskittycat are available at the bottom of this blog post.


Dan - Can you tell me what happened to Careless Jewel? I see that she was taken off the Watchmaker Watch. Big fan of this horse

Careless Jewel has not raced this year. It was reported that her trainer, Josie Carroll, found "heat" in a leg and there were quarter crack issues as well. Her last workout was in May. It's possible that she's been retired, but I haven't heard anything definitive.


I was cleaning up something and came across a program from 2002. In it, it had a bet on Carson Hollow. That remind me of her epic stretch duel with You. Could i please get the PPs for both of these fast females?

The past performances for Carson Hollow and You are available at the bottom of this blog post.


How about the PPs for my favorite horse ever, former HOY, Holy Bull!
thanks in advance..

The past performances for Holy Bull are available at the bottom of this blog post.


I may have missed it, but what are your thought's on this BURNS DETTE ISSUE??
Whackymacky Out!!!

It's a tragedy when any horse breaks down. Unfortunately, this business can be rather cold and callous at times.

In a suspicious situation like this, I would take to task the track's Racing Secretary, and Veterinarian. Burna Dette was claimed for $25,000 on June 24. She was only beaten 5 1/2 lengths for $16,000 on July 21. When she is entered back for a $2,000 tag only 16 days later, one has to question what she's doing in the race.

She was more than likely claim fodder, but when it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it's up to racetrack management to protect the betting public (Burna Dette was 4-5), the racehorses themselves, and any potential owner that would purchase a possibly injured animal. Our sport has enough nightmares as it pertains to public relations. A horse like this, a very suspect dropdown, should either have to pass a detailed veterinary examination, or would not be allowed to partake in the proceedings. We've seen maidens entered in Grade 1 stake races and they haven't been cleared to compete.

Let's take Nicky Boy, a three-year-old filly, as an example. Nicky Boy, despite an awful race record, was scheduled to be entered in the Wood Memorial as well as in two different graded races on the Summit of Speed Card at Calder.

From David Grening (posted on March 31, 2010):

The New York Racing Association avoided a potential embarrassing situation when it denied entry into the Wood to the maiden filly Nicky Boy, who had been defeated 120 3/4 lengths in two starts at Sunland Park. That decision was made easier due to the late entry of Most Happy Fella, whose presence in the field made for six runners, enabling trifecta wagering to be offered on the race.
"It's our right to not accept the entry,'' said P.J. Campo, NYRA's director of racing.

From Mike Welsch (posted on July 7, 2010):


From Mike Welsch (posted on July 10, 2010):


Campo's above phrase is key. "It's our right to not accept the entry."

Racing secretaries and track veterinarians throughout the country need to be pro-active in dealing with skeptical situations. It's impossible to stop all breakdowns, but the Burna Dette incident was worrisome on paper and might have been avoided.


Hi Dan, For years I've been trying to get the full PP's for Kelso. If there is anyway for you to post them I'd be most appreciative. Many thanks
Michael Gleason

Past performances for Kelso are available at the bottom of this blog post.


Hey Dan.
I am new to the sport, but have fallen head-over-hills for it over the past month or two. I think it is incredible what you guys do at DRF - providing so much data and analysis. I love motorsports too, but the short time duration of horse races make them equally exciting - but in a different way. Success in motorsports has a great deal to do with technology and engineering (i.e., $). Horse racing is all about inherent "God-given" ability. That's a significant difference.
I wanted to ask you to reccommend some of the very best books ever written on the topic of horse racing handicapping. I'm looking for the cream-of-the-crop, the must haves - if you will. The classics.
Thanks for all you guys do. And keep up the good work.
M. Cook

Welcome.  For newcomers, "Handicapping 101: A Horse Racing Primer," by Daily Racing Form's Southern California analyst, Brad Free, is a must-read.

Also recommended are the "Best of the Best" series, the "Handicapper's Condition Book," by James Quinn, "Exotic Betting," by Steven Crist, and just about anything written by Andrew Beyer.

All of these are available on our website:



You worked with horses in your younger days. What was your attitude toward them, and what
did you observe about the attitudes of the horsemen around you?
chicago gerry

I think that the vast majority of backstretch workers are there because they love what they do and they love horses. It's not for the paycheck, that's for sure. When I was working on the backstretch at Yonkers, on my summers and vacations away from school, I did it because I wanted to be around the horses. The work was backbreaking, the hours were long, and the pay was awful, but it all seemed worth it when I walked into the barn early in the morning. It's hard to explain, but there's something about a horse that is soothing for a person's soul. You get to know the horses in the barn and they become like part of the family. Some are nasty. Some are sweet. Some like people. Some want to rip your fingers off. All need care.

There was a filly in the barn that didn't have a great deal of ability. I don't believe she ever won a race. But, boy, was she a character. Whenever I walked into the barn, I'd whistle. She'd charge to the front of her stall and would holler until she got a long hug and a scratch on the nose. Whenever music blasted throughout the shedrow, she'd sway to and fro to the beat.

The boss was never pleased when this happened. "Get away from that !@#$%!^ and get to work," he'd scream.

Some horsemen treated this game solely as a business. As horse ownership can be nothing more than a money-pit at times, it's understandable.

There are always going to be bad apples in any business. There certainly are in our business. I like to think of the many good people that truly love the horses.


Is Dublin hurt? After that horrible start but solid finish in the Preakness, he was my horse to watch for the summer and fall, but he's kind of dropped of the radar. What's D. Wayne doing with him?
Tim I.

From David Grening (posted on August 16):

Lukas said Dublin, last year’s Hopeful winner, is still recovering from surgery to have an ankle chip removed, but could resume tack-walking by the end of the month.
Lukas said the chip was discovered during a routine physical a short while after Dublin finished fifth in the Preakness. Prior to that, Dublin ran seventh in the Kentucky Derby.
Lukas said Dublin, who is stabled in Saratoga, is scheduled to get re-examined on Aug. 28 and if he gets a clean bill of health, then he could start walking under tack the next day.
While Lukas said it is possible Dublin could return to the races later this year, he said more likely he would wait until the colt’s 4-year-old season to run him with an eye on races such as the Hal’s Hope and/or Donn Handicap at Gulfstream Park.


Hi Dan, Doing great job! Just want to know if you saw 2yr old filly Tell a Kelly run at Del Mar 8/14 in the 4th race. She had terrible trip first time out. She was closing strongly in traffic. On Sunday, she unloaded a big move to run past a loose 3/5 shot and gallopped out unreal. John Sadler might be already looking at his Kentucky Oaks horse . She is a Tapit out of Tabasco Cat mare. If you see replay You will have her on your horses to watch list.
Jerry Mac

Saw both of her races. She looked good last time, making an eye-catching run along the inside on the turn before angling to the four path turning for home. Tell a Kelly received an 81 Beyer for the win and looks stakes-bound for Sadler.


Hi Dan!
Seeing last Arlington Million and how was easily catched Gio Ponti by a second class Europe invader, do you think American turfers are weaker? Is there any hope that Gio Ponti could revenge in the BC Turf against top class like Fame and Glory, Rip van Winkle or Workforce? and could you post pps for these champs Stardom Bound, Tuscan Evening and Gloria de Campeao and old glories Swaps, Nashua, Sword Dancer, Cardmania and Native Diver?
Thank you so much
José Iglesias García

I don't know if "weaker" is the right way to describe it, but we're playing their game going long on the turf and imports have made monkeys of our good grass horses for a long time now. In a big race situation, it's worthwhile to cast a long glance at any European import.
Could Gio Ponti win the Breeders' Cup Turf? Sure, he could. I'm not sure I would play him at 12 furlongs at possible short odds against the top Europeans, but we know he has the quality to win a race of that magnitude.
The past performances you requested are at the bottom of this blog post.


The FormBlog convention will be held at Arlington Park on Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12. I want to thank PGM, Steve Taylor, chicago gerry, Laura, and everyone else that has been involved in the planning of the event. It should be a great amount of fun. It'll be a weekend of community among horseplayers at one of the most beautiful tracks in the country.
Arlington Park will host a handicapping contest that afternoon. For more information on the contest, head on over to the following link:


Also, the feature races on Saturday are the historic Arlington-Washington Futurity for juvenile colts and the Arlington-Washington Lassie for two-year-old fillies. There will also be a handicapping seminar with Professor Scott McMannis and myself in conjunction with the contest.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a temendous time enjoying the greatest sport in the world with the best racing fans on the internet.

You can check out the information page at Iron Maidens:


Questions or reservations can be e-mailed to formblogconvention@gmail.com


I'm going to wait until we get the "Official" sign from cayman before I post the HG199 winner.  Let's do the Travers on Saturday as the next exercise.

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