01/31/2014 9:13PM

Lonely Street


Among the goodies heaped upon Laffit Pincay Jr. when he broke Bill Shoemaker's record for the most winners in December of 1999 was the renaming of a real City of Inglewood street in his honor. It runs along the north border of the former Hollywood Park near what used to be the stable entrance. Soon this will be the only reminder that anything was ever there at all.

Robin Dawson More than 1 year ago
Things like this just confirm the sorry state of horse racing in North America....Nobody cares anymore, and, when you look at the pathetic story-lines in the DRF and other racing publications, with their paucity of comments, it says it all. Jay is a good writer, but, other than chronicling the achievements of past heroes, he hasn't got much worthy material these days.
Bob More than 1 year ago
He seems to be fixated on anything having to do with Hollywood Park?
Matthew Ellis More than 1 year ago
Its in a bad state but a lot to do with shooting itself. They did the same thing Harness Racing did for years until the Degenerates died and the other sane people said that's enough of this fixed poker game. The riders were riding in Luxury cars going to Super bowls Cheating and Screwing fans out of every dollar until a packed house turned into 8 People in the Clubhouse ( serious account from Rosecroft in Maryland. Now you have these Medication Trainers along with Past-Posting and Skimming Forget about no body wants anymore other than the die hards who are addicted mentally and physically. The miracle trainers of 40% and 3/5 odds and then after the gate open someone else takes theirs 3-1 to 8/5 around the track. LOOK AND SOUND FAMILIAR
Vickie Aument More than 1 year ago
Gez Jay why bother??? The closure of this track is a travesty and will have a huge impact on California racing - and not for the good