01/01/2012 9:27PM

Laurel Redux


The definition of "redux":  Brought back; revived

Last year I wrote in a Laurel Park photo essay, "If you're a racing fan, and you probably are if you're reading this, go to Laurel Park."  Well, this year I'll say it again: go to Laurel.  But this time I'll be more specific: if you can get there, go to Laurel on Wednesday to see Rapid Redux go for his 22nd consecutive victory.

During the afternoon of December 13, the day Rapid Redux won his 21st straight,  the infield tote board featured wonderful videos about famous campaigners of yesteryear - 'Laurel legends' - like All Along and local favorite Little Bold John.  Diehard fans like myself just love the tip-o'-the-hat to what came before, and I imagine many of us will some day look back and say, "Remember when Rapid Redux was racing at Laurel?" 

A truly enthusiastic crowd cheered for Rapid Redux when he returned to the winner's circle.  They packed the background of Rapid Redux's win picture.  They snapped cell phone pictures and tucked winning tickets in their pockets for souvenirs.  Here's hoping that even more fans will cheer him on Wednesday (and don't forget to say hi to Billy Barton, the statue at the front entrance).

Above/below:  Rapid Redux heading to the paddock on December 13, above, and in the paddock, below, trainer David Wells converses with jockey J.D. Acosta.

Above:  Rapid Redux heads from the Laurel paddock to the track.  

Above and below:  Rapid Redux breaks from the gate...on his way to victory #21 (Tamara Faulkner photos)

Above/below:  Rapid Redux wins his 21st straight race - an incredible feat - and, below, J.D. Acosta stops the son of Pleasantly Perfect for the crowd.

Above:  David Wells with his record-winning star on the way to the winner's circle.

Above:  An appreciative pat for the winner.

Above/below:  David Wells, above, and owner Robert Cole, below.

Above:  J.D. Acosta and his daughter Jdianez in the winner's circle.  Acosta has ridden Rapid Redux in seven races during the win streak and will be back aboard on Wednesday.

Above:  Fans love a good racing story, a tough competitor, a winner.  Go to Laurel and see one run on Wednesday.

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Laurel Park's website, for more information about the track and the race: http://www.laurelpark.com/