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Landaluce, gate scratches, Rose suspension


I do not recall if Noble Causeway was injured or if he ever raced again.  He is standing at stud in Lexington.  But the point is that if a rider feels that something is amiss with a horse he is probably right.  And yes it is frustrating to the connections and to the bettors to have a gate scratch.  But frustration is a very large part of this game. 
Ray Manley

Ray, That was an excellent point about Noble Causeway w/ Bailey/Zito. To me, he was a 'total bet-against' when he showed back up a few days or so later @ the Spa, with I believe J. Castellano up.
Steve V

Noble Causeway was scratched in the post parade of the Jim Dandy, and was eased a few days later at 19-10 odds under Ramon Dominguez.  He then had a chip removed, and started 10 times after the debacle, winning an optional claimer at Gulfstream.  Here are some columns from David Grening at the time of the incident:





What do you guys and gals make of the suspension of jockey Jeremy Rose for cruel and excessive use of the whip by Deleware racing officials? Six months, no less.

...I'm not for abusing horse or anything, I'm just trying to play Devil's Advocate and it seems like Rose has become the new whipping boy for horse racing and make it appear as if it's "cleaning up it's image".
g or g

I've been following Delaware this meet, and this isn't the first time that Rose's actions have come into question.  On May 12, I was co-hosting the New York City OTB program with Peter Rotundo, and we noticed Rose tearing the hide off runner-up Chief Export with 100 yards to go, and no hope of winning the race.  If you go to calracing.com (free registration), and load up the May 12 race at Delaware, you'll see what I mean.  Chief Export is breaking from post two, and is program number three.  He breaks slowly, and rushes into a tight spot on the inside turning for home.  After checking and angling to the outside, he fails to run down win-machine Spooky Mulder.  Rose has no chance to win in late stretch, but still gives Chief Export a good beating on his shoulder.  After the race, we called for his head on live TV, and in the wake of the Eight Belles incident, wondered how in the heck Rose could be allowed to ride in the Preakness later that week.  I can understand his frustration over the bad trip, but the horse didn't deserve the hiding.
I think the lengthy suspension is justified in that it sends out a message that the whole world is scrutinizing our sport, and that animal abuse will not be tolerated.


Anyway, I was looking at my 'horse watch' the other day and was wondering whatever happened to the horse Belly Rub. I know he was by Buddah and always thought that was a clever name. I remembering him winning a stakes at Aquaduct maybe a year or two ago, but he hasn't shown up anywhere since. Just wondering if you had any info? Also, whatever happened to CP West?

Belly Rub last ran on April 21, 2007 in the Federico Tesio Stakes at Pimlico.  He finished last of six, and hasn't recorded a published workout since November 7, 2007.  C P West was sent to Florida to prep for a 4-year-old campaign after winning the Wild Again Stakes at Belmont on November 1, but hasn't recorded a published workout since that race. 


Congrats to Team Zayat for Star of David's debut win at Churchill on Wednesday afternoon. 


Dan - do you think wagering by the connetions can hurt the sport?  At least in terms of people's perceptions?
john r

I believe it's against the rules of racing for an owner/trainer/jockey to bet against their horse (let's see that rule be enforced), but I don't have a problem if they're betting on their charge to win.  They're showing confidence in their horse, and are trying to get some of the money that goes to vet bills, feed bills, training bills, etc. back.  If it comes out that people are betting against their own horses, then public perception would swell that the game is "fixed."


Then, and this is potentially breaking news, I've heard from a solid source that there is a Lidocaine positive coming for the trainer of the horse that many believe to be the best in the world.
Blue Horseshoe

DRF's Marty McGee is reporting (Friday print edition) that Steve Asmussen will be served notice tomorrow morning for a Lidocaine positive at Lone Star while Richard Dutrow Jr. was notified today that one of his horses tested positive for clenbuterol at Churchill Downs.


Talk to you tomorrow,


Muriel Patterson More than 1 year ago
Am looking for info on my grandfather Roger Quincy Patterson who was a jockey in Texas in the early 1900s. Am getting no where. Please help if you can.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Arazi, Don't know if you saw the PP's for the 2 year old filly winner of the 8th race at HP yesterday. Ten Churros had worked 6 furlongs before her first race; but unlike Evita's 1:14 and change, Churros work was a slow 1:17 and change. In her first race, she stalked a fast pace and weakened to 6th. But, she did win her second race, so the 6F work was still a good indicator of early winner. Annie
Annie More than 1 year ago
Kyri, Yes the horse that finished second to Evita was Candalai, also a Candy Ride. She looks good for her next start. Annie
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Sorry about the double post, but Man of Iron the 1/2 to Rags To Riches, and Jazil out of the dam Better Than Honor debuts tomorrow @ Currah. The son of Giants Causeway will no doubt be a heavy favorite, but will still be fun to watch. Can watch live at: http://www.attheraces.com/index.aspx but, you will have to pay for it.
larryk More than 1 year ago
Slew of Damacus: We talked about FCC: Flew First Class:Listed below is his 1/2 bro Notes 1/2 to flyng first class Activity type Workout Activity date 06-27-2008 Track Santa Anita Surface All Weather Track Distance 3 Furlongs Workout type Handily Workout time 0:36.60 Track condition Fast
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
JZ, Nice job on Mostacolli Mort. Was just getting ready to congratulate you when I saw your post come up. Those of you that have been around here for a year or so know of my envolvement in politics. Both of my positions expire this year, thank goodness. Anyway, I work hand in hand with Senators, Congress (men&women) the Attorney General, The Secretary of State, State Treasurer, etc. The last thing I would want to see is Goverment control over the sport of horse racing. Government can't police itself correctly, spends way to much money, and heck even with one party controlling the House and the Senate for 6 yrs. couldn't even get a comprehensive energy bill, a health care reform bill passed or any other bill that in the long run would help or benefit your, or my children and, grand children. Government needs to concentrate on governing the laws in place, spend the tax payers money as if it were there own, try and respect the constitution, and stay out of peoples personal life from a safety, and hobby stand point. I need to quit right there, as If you think Vicstu has posted some lengthy post, his have been of midget proportion as to what I would like to post. Will add this to all that feel horse racing is just doom and gloom. The Belmont broadcast had an overnight TV rating of 10.5%. Way more than the NBA, PGA, or any MLB game that weekend. Why? Because of exposure. It is called marketing. That is what the powers to be, whether Track Owners, state Racing Commissioner's, etc. just don't and, probably never will understand. Cayman01, I already bet European races quite often. Not so much to take a stand, althought you may have a good idea. For me Euro racing is just a more pure form of racing. For instance, I am way more interested in the Irish Derby, and The Gran Prix de Saint-Cloud this weedend than I am the Suburban Hdcp. BTW, I think in the Irish Derby, we will see the real New Approach, as he will be running at a better distance for him, and will love the softer turf. Don't see him getting beat. In the Saint-Cloud, Soldier Of Fortune looks pretty strong, but I think with the odds I will have to make a play on Zambezi. TINKY, you are a piece of work, and that is probably a compliment. You pick on BigEasyBigChok for his read between the lines comment "My brother has elected the last 2 congressmen from La." Well IMHO, was really an insult to him, and secondly, all I have ever seen from you is conjecture, and read between the lines post. You throw alot on the table, but never have anything to back it up or give it CREDIBILITY! Time to study the early P/4 @ Blm, as I have to play Alan's crush Alaazo tomorrow. Best To All!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
PGM Ha! Look's like you are the only one to comment on my nominees. But you are in great company... SR Vegas
BigEasyBig Chok More than 1 year ago
Tinky,, Touche'. In all seriousness my brother has directed the campaigns but I know what you mean. We have an ex gov in prison and although he did more for the state than most of our governors, one of his most famous lines was "The only way I can lose this election is if I am caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy". Having said that there is no other state I would live in, our state does have a significant thoroughbred industry and if any significant change for the better to this industry was proposed on the hill, I have decent access to some of the lawmakers who would be in a position to help. Time to get back to the sazeracs which was just declared by legislative action our official state cocktail. Now that is our elected officials at work! Johnny Z, Got your back too. Thanks BigEasyBigChok
Tinky More than 1 year ago
johnnyz – "You pick on BigEasyBigChok for his read between the lines comment..." Pick on him? In that I took his comment literally? You really ought to try reading between the lines yourself, as my response was obviously tongue in cheek. "You throw alot on the table, but never have anything to back it up or give it CREDIBILITY!" Ironically, every post I have made concerning pedigrees, or Big Brown's vulnerability before the Belmont, etc., was clearly supported by evidence (in the posts). What you actually mean by "credibility" is a name, or a public resume. The truth, though, is that neither of those is the least bit important unless you fail to read, or are unable to comprehend what I write. If you – or anyone – disagrees with something that I have written, then feel free to challenge it on its merits. Attacking me personally, on the other hand, just reflects poorly on you.
laura More than 1 year ago
Wishing a very happy birthday to Calvin! May he score that big Pick Six and recognize next year’s Derby winner before the rest of us!