04/08/2010 10:23AM

Kee: Thurs. scratches, etc.


Overcast and a little overnight rain with temps about 50 here today, a contrast to the 3 nice weather days that opened this meet. Still, it's an April afternoon at Keeneland and therefore a great day for horse racing . . .

Not many scratches on what looks like a card I'll be getting involved in. Namely: Back-to-back singles to start the early p4 (races 2-5), using Madman Diaries (#1) in race 2 and Refined Silk (#9) in race 3. Later on, we'll try to beat the Barbaro full bro, NIcanor, as he makes his first start in nearly 9 months in race 7 by using Grassy (#8) as a main punch and A.P. Ridge (#5) as a sprinkled longshot. In the featured 8th, the G1 Madison, R.Mandella sure sounded confident on the phone the other day re the chances of Witty (#5), but then so did J.Sheppard with the odds-on fave, Informed Decision (#6). So there . . .

The 9-race card will be run over regular Poly and a firm turf. Good luck today.

Race 1 - Smarten Destiny (#5) is a first-time gelding

Race 2 - SCR #1A (p.o.e.) Aroyalsweet

Race 7 - SCR #6 Au Moon

Race 9 - SCR #2 Silent Candy, SCR #12 Hatheer, SCR #13 (AE) La Gran Bailadora, SCR #14 (AE) Ithinkihadthatone