04/23/2010 2:51PM

Kee: One for the good guys . . .


Sitting here in the CD media center while colleagues J.Privman and M.Welsch cover for us down at Kee, and couldn't help but notice that one of the good guys in the game, Larry Demeritte, just got a long overdue victory when first-timer Iones Folly ($20.40) won the 6th at Kee. No More Yogi's, the 2-5 choice for W.Ward, appeared to have the race won but suddenly faltered in deep stretch, with Iones Folly narrowly beating Bach Hamilton.

We noted on opening day in a DRF piece that after Demeritte was beaten a zop in the first race of the meet with a first-timer that he was still able to smile through it all - despite the fact that the Kee-based trainer hadn't won a race on his home track since the 2003 fall meet. Larry got what was due him on closing day, and good for him.