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While the Irresistible Force should have her way in the Mother Goose, and the Immovable Object figures to stand firm in the Vanity, it is tonight's third race at the Meadowlands that is the true race of the week. 

Jugheads?  On FormBlog?  Sin!  Sacrilege!  Hear me out.  If you're into the bizarre, like Jose Canseco in a mixed martial arts match against a Korean giant, you'll love this.  Tonight's third race is a mile pace...on the turf!  Weather permitting, and that's a big if with all the rain we've had in the New York/New Jersey area, the pacers will take to the Meadowlands grass course for the first time in 30 years.  Harness racing on turf is fairly common in Europe, Scandinavia, and New Zealand, but is basically unheard of in the United States. 
I'm no harness handicapper.  Heck, I'm the worst thoroughbred handicapper on this blog.  But, I just feel the need to dope out the race.  So, here goes.

KEEPTHEPEACE N earned a "no factor" comment for his even fifth-place finish two weeks ago, but he sat in all the way around, and never really got a chance to partake in the proceedings.  Last week, he was out before the half, and tried to grind first over.  That's not an easy trip, but Keepthepeace N kept on to finish second behind the heavy favorite.  He's taking a fairly dramatic step up in class, but the last race was promising.  Wouldn't it be fitting if the first turf race in 30 years goes to the legendary driver John Campbell?

Also usable are ONEDIN LEGACY N, and DIAMOND JACK.  The former went first over at the half, and kept on determinedly to the wire against similar $15,000 claimers last week.  Diamond Jack left for the top last week, was shuffled to the three hole, stayed in entering the final turn, but soon found Onedin Legacy's cover.  He failed to finish with that one, and may be more effective setting the pace.

As for the thoroughbred stakes races this weekend, I think they'll be chalky, but I do like SUNDAY GEISHA in the First Flight Handicap at Belmont on Sunday.

More importantly, who do you fancy this weekend?  I want to know.


With that said, do you think a similar workout report for other states, like New York, is something that needs to be looked into?  It definitely helps with first time starters and layoff horses.

I don't have a problem with more information.  If handicappers don't want to use it, or deem it irrelevant, they can always filter it out.  Any information that can help the bettor should be published, and I have been a vocal advocate of a DRF-run workout report for many years.  It's fallen on deaf ears, but one could always hope.  You would think such a product would aid handicappers looking at unraced maidens as well as runners returning from long layoffs.


Dan –
Meadowlands? That's odd, as a fairly reliable source was said to have seen you in Buenos Aires...

LOL.  I have never met Maria Belen Chapur, and if I did, I must unequivocally state that I did not have relations with that woman!


I agree that Bruno does fine work.  He usually is the anchor guest on a morning radio show.  If that show is available over the web, maybe you can give out the URL so the rest of the nation can tune in.

I believe that Bruno contributes to Jason Levin's radio program.  You can find archives here:



does anyone know what's up with Payton D'Oro and California Flag?

Payton d'Oro finished second as the favorite in the Susan's Girl Stakes at Delaware over sloppy ground on June 20.  California Flag returned to the worktab on June 21 with a three furlong drill in 37.40 handily at Hollywood Park.


BSF for Queen's Plate at WBO on 06/21/09?
Thank you in advance.

The DRF website posts recent Stakes Results and Beyers on the left side of the page.  Eye of the Leopard got a 92 Beyer.
Zan the Man


Going to wait for cayman to post the official HandiGambling results before I name a winner. 


Enjoy the weekend.


staples29 More than 1 year ago
One out of two and retired from Ellis Park pick 4. I called the track to ask them directly what their takeout was on the Pick 4 after noticing that the math didn't reconcile among the takeout, handle and payoff. Ellis official told me that they went back to 22% takeout two years ago. DRF needs to update and I need plan B for the summer's wagers.
cayman01 More than 1 year ago
HG 140, I'll try the best of the worst with first lasix. $16 EX box 4,9,12 $4 W 12
dylbert More than 1 year ago
HG 140 Md5000 @ Penn says it all! I have no idea how to handicap this race. So, thin-slicing wins as I like 3-9-2 $12 WPS #3 $10 WPS #9 $5 WPS #2 $2 Exacta Box: 2-3-9 $1 Tri Box: 2-3-9 $1 Tri: 3-9-2
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Folks: I only wasted about $25 on Hollywood today, playing the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th races. I was so close, but cashed not one ticket! I played it to keep sharp, and I thought I had a few good bombs (I did, but the others failed!). I hate days like this, but fortunately no "real" money was lost. As for the tone of Planet FormBlog lately, understand that these things happen, and we all eventually get through it. I received a nice reply back from Uncle Steve on Friday, and he is fine, but suffering from frustrations. It's all a part of the natural progression of things. Familiarity breeds something sometimes, no? I am very close to my brothers and sister, but sometimes we are world-class awful to each other. It happens. It may be, in fact, necessary. It makes us better and stronger, I believe. And so is the outcry and criticism from people that don’t want to read (or hear) about it. This is a great place, and we all continue to learn, and grow. Actually, it's a microcosm of life, really. Only much better, no? Calvin Carter; I love your site, and tried to register to post, but encountered significant difficulty. Email me with your help! Thanks VS
Brian More than 1 year ago
Dan, Could you please post Stormy Pick's PPs? Thanks
Walt More than 1 year ago
A few reasons I thought of Delaware Park for a Rachel-Zenyatta showdown: While a Grade 2 now, the DelCap, even without any purse enhancement is the richest non-BC race in the sport for females at $1 Million. The DelCap also has a very long history and has been won in the past by a number of top females, including Shuvee (part of the exceptional class of 1969 that may have been the greatest crop of three year old fillies in history). The DelCap is also at the classic distance of 1 1/4 Miles, and is one of the few major stakes for females run at that distance. It would be a true test for both RA and Zenyatta. Short of that, I actually sent a "snail mail" to Philadelphia Park management this past Saturday suggesting they work out a deal with Magna to have the Pimlico Special (Grade 1) that was cancelled by Magna due to their financial problems transferred to Philly Park for at least this year, running it on October 11 as an invitational at the race's traditional 1 3/16 Mile distance. My suggestion there was to have a running of the Pimlico Special at Philadelphia Park carry a base purse of $1 Million, but if four or more past winners of Triple Crown or Breeders' Cup races were to start, the purse would be increased to $3 million (the conditions basically would be to also get Mine That Bird and Summer Bird as well as Zenyatta). I don't see an RA-Zenyatta showdown happening at Saratoga mainly because of the detention barn.
jim tully More than 1 year ago
Zenyatta HAS left California already this year. She shipped to run at Churchill but scratched because of the sloppy track. So I don't know how anyone can be totally convinced John Shirrefs is so adverse to shipping.
Keith L. More than 1 year ago
Thanks to the well wishers. Amazingly enough, this morning's Hartford Courant with followup articles on the "narrow tornado" provided the details that the National Weather Service determined that the funnel first touched down on "Nott Street, near Park Avenue intersection." Its a familiar landmark, as our old farmhouse is on the northwest corner of Nott and Park Avenue. Traveled a 1.7 mile southeasterly direction, missing the town hall, but hitting the old colonial district town green directly. Then, after tearing through a corn field, dissapated before it reached I-91 with its heavy end of day rush hour traffic. Still, no reports of injuries or worse...lots more of property damage, however. As my second tornado experience, it didn't seem as threatening as the hurricanes we sometimes get in New England. The first tornado I experienced was when tent camping with my kids in Southeastern Massachusetts in the late 70's. Now that was hairy! Only shelter was the big Chevy Malibu station wagon then, and a whole state forest around us of clouds of flying leaves and tree limbs snapping like twigs! But onward and upward. Still cleaning up today in the aftermath! Back to horse racing tomorrow, I hope.
CM More than 1 year ago
Rachel v. Zenyatta: If this matchup is going to happen the best time and place for it will be at Saratoga in the Go For Wand Stakes on August 2.. I know Shirrefs has said that Z's next start will be at Del Mar. If he has his way Z won't leave California. Certainly, the closer we get to the Breeders Cup the less likely that Z ships out. Jerry Moss needs to put his foot down and make this happen now. Why the Go For Wand? 1. It's 1 1/8 miles, the best distance for both. 2. Perfect spacing between races. 3. Belmont is a one turn 1 1/16 or 1 1/8. I don't think Z wants to face RA running one turn. 4. Jerry Moss is a New Yorker - I don't think he wants to come east and go to Delaware. 5. This historic matchup should take place at Saratoga - one of the most historic tracks in the world. It's also Haskell day so NYRA would have the added bonus of taking the focus away from Monmouth. The purse is only $300,000, so NYRA needs to step up and either triple the purse, or add to the conditions of the race that winners of a grade 1 in the last 3 months (or on June 27) receive a $500,000 bonus for winning the race. I know NYRA is loathe to do this, but if they need help raising the cash, since we already have the Yum Brands Kentucky Derby how about "ESPN/TVG/NBC presents the VERIZON/BUDWEISER/GOODYEAR" Go For Wand Stakes at Saratoga sponsored locally by THE ALBANY TIMES UNION/CAPITAL OTB/THE SARATOGA COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT." You get the idea. C'mon NYRA, make this happen.
Calvin L. Carter More than 1 year ago
Van Savant, johnnyz, SR Vegas, Thanks for following the blog. I appreciate that! Johnnyz I'm sorry to hear about Lauren Stich's recent loss. I look foward to her response to your question about inbreeding.