08/25/2007 7:09PM

If You Feel Like Rooting....


I'm alive in the pick-six to the 3 ($30,353), 7 ($13,708) and 13 ($22,365) in the finale. Win or lose, a great day of racing. Full report later.


BombsAway Bob Grant More than 1 year ago
'Happy Happy,Joy Joy!' Now you can stick around for Labor Day Weekend. You'll Love it...nice & quiet! Thanks for sharing your wagers with us..."We're Not Worthy"-Bob
Floppydog More than 1 year ago
Wow. Filet Mignon for the fast children. Great meet, great blog.
Tom Feeney More than 1 year ago
Steve, The 11th race was the key race for you and me. I had Exec Search to win and did an all/Exec Seach exacta. I liked Exec because of the speed in the race, but I was worried before the race when I saw that the track was sealed, which might have favored speed, but Exec ran his heart out. I don't remember you giving out the winner in the seminar but ..
Christine R. More than 1 year ago
CONGRATS! What a MASTER is all I can say...After a couple of days of total destruction and nearly wanting to give it all up for at least a while...your score here inspires this princess to at least want to open her racecards for tomorrow and see whats there - and give it a shot to try to do it the right way. Wow - again...that is so way cool and what a way to build momentum into the final few weeks here. Thanks for letting us all share in your fun...Christine
Tony More than 1 year ago
Did John V win a race all day ? What has happened to this guy ? Nice score Steve you had to have used all to have that 2 in the 11th .
bochalls More than 1 year ago
Before addressing Hard Spun, let me say that my pick of King...Roxy was laughable-he never picked up a foot. Mega kudos to Larry Jones and Hard Spun; what a fighter. Jones has campaigned this colt boldly; not ducking anyone. He is so frank and up front in his interviews that he is hardly recognizable as a trainer-with their usual cliche spewings and vagueries. Great job Hard Spun...daddy Danzig is proud. Nice hit Steve.
PapaChach More than 1 year ago
have enjoyed your blog and the comments it has generated over the past few weeks...congrats on the pick six, 13k is an excellent payout considering how short some of the winners were...good move skipping il forno the other night, by the way...mediocre food and craptastic service is what our group got there the other night...other random Travers Day thoughts... in re: the love of Ramon Dominguez expressed here earlier...watch his butcher job in the first today and then come back and sing his praises. Consistently brings rides like that to NY turf races; seems to really love checking, steadying, and getting himself hopelessly stuck in traffic down inside. Won w/Crimson Guard today only because from far outside post he had no choice but to go wide. in re: purse money only and the 3rd...I bet the #2 entry today because I honestly liked both halves, but what about those times you bet an entry strictly for one half and that half scratches w/ 2 MTP and you're left holding the bag w/a win ticket @ 7/2 on a horse you have as 20-1? not sure what the answer is, and of course if nyra didn't serve up a constant stream of late and gate scratches maybe this would be less of an issue...perhaps they can offer a new form of wagering, bet on if there'll be a late scratch and/or who the late scratch will be... in re: Baruch and Shakis...sometimes you get on these streaks w/certain horses and i feel one coming on w/this horse...i bet him hard on Belmont Day and he just missed, after a not-so-great trip, at 9.50-1...he stunk next out, yeah, maybe he didn't want eleven furlongs, but Sunriver and Trippi's Storm came out of that race to stink in their next starts...liked Big Prairie to run underneath in there, used him big in exactas under Cosmonaut (ughh...) and Gun Salute (I can't even describe the shame involved in admitting that publicly) and a little over them...of course Shakis shoots the rail (what, the rail opens up like 3% of the time in SAR turf races) to win, two hundred fiddy some exacta w/BP 2nd...granted, my on-top keys stunk up the joint, but the fact that it was Shakis winning sorta chapped my you know what...woulda coulda shoulda.... in re: king's bishop...loved the frankel piece and as they passed by my seats, somewhere near the 1/16th pole or so, i was counting my $$$ and then PSYCH! woulda coulda shoulda taken the $36.20 exacta... in re: travers...thought street sense was visually unimpressive, seemed to be struggling to get by, thought he might have leaned in on grasshopper, will have to see the head-on...of course bo-rail explained it all away by saying he didn't want to make lead too soon and all...just looked like he had his hands full and if he had his hands full w/grasshopper seems like he'll be in deep dog doo-doo at MTH come late October. well, unlike our gracious host i am not celebrating tonight...time to go rub some beer into those wounds and maybe sneak outside for a midnight smoke if the weather clears. ps. had my eight year old w/me today, he woke up said he was sick, changed his mind and came over for a few races w/his mom after all...anyway, i place bets for him once in a while ($1 wps) and he usually likes prices but he was hell-bent on street sense today, $2 win...of course i booked it myself...after the race i was like, let's go home and have pizza! and he was like, let's go cash my ticket on street sense! nothing better than getting your a$$ kicked on a horrifically hot day and capping it off by disappointing your child...i gave him the $2.70 o/o my pocket but he got a little teary-eyed because i deprived him of the thrill of going up to the window and collecting...sigh..........
gary More than 1 year ago
Nice score on the pick 6. I'm guessing you'll end up on the positive side of the ledger for the Saratoga season. Good to see La Traviata not sucumb to the pre-race hype. She's a beast. How much does she win by if she doesn't fall down coming out of the gate? And what would the pick 4 have paid if Grasshopper had edged Street Sense? Gotta be at least $2000. Sigh....... Had to include him with the best last out beyer and improving every race out.
never_bend More than 1 year ago
Good call Steve,especially on the Calder shipper.Personally I'm still smarting from losing the early P-4 because of NYRA's assinine late scratch rule.God how I hate that thing. I undertand that ostensibly it is there to protect the bettor from the weaker half of an entry but this is the fourth time that this rule has burned me.God,please don't try to protect me!!!!!!!!
Shellunbridled More than 1 year ago
Way to go! And I was all set to brag that I bought your EB book on thurs and won my first pick four today($3 ticket but not much profit) and there u go! Truly the master!!