07/30/2007 1:00PM

I, Coward


I know I'm the one who's been whining about the lack of pick-six carryover action so far at the meet, but now that we've finally got one I'm the one doing the chicken dance and passing on today's.

If it were a closing-day mandatory giveaway or a two-day carry with a pool nearing a million bucks, I'd feel compelled to play and take my best shot. But the card looks just as difficult in the light of another beautiful Saratoga day as it did on last night's first pass. I'd be comfortable singling Chestoria, as many players will, but that still leaves me with five very, very tough races. So I'll root for a double-carry into Wednesday and the extra day of studying for it.

--I awoke today to "You have 97 new messages." Thank you all for the generosity of your responses to "Fix My Computer, Win Valuable Prizes." Amid keeping an eye on the carryover and fooling with the late pick four, I'll be going through your suggestions in the order they arrived, and the first one that works gets the tickets.