12/19/2010 4:57PM

Hollywood: Margins - nose, dead-heat, nose


The first four finishers of Sunday's first race reached the line virtually together, with Elusive Moment ($5.60) finishing a nose in front of Toro Trippi and Fire in the Wind, who finished in a dead-heat in a dead-heat for second. They outfinished fourth-place finisher Bertran Hill by a nose, meaning that the first four finishers were separated by two noses.

Bertran Hill was the 7-5 favorite and is trained by Ed Moger, Jr., who also trains Elusive Moment.

The photo finish image showed to the public showed a nose margin between Elusive Moment and Toro Trippi, but Toro Trippi's position in relation to Fire in the Wind was not as easy to determine because Fire in the Wind was between Toro Trippi on the rail and Elusive Moment three-wide. Fire in the Wind's nose was not clearly visible on the photo finish pictures. Without a clear indication that there was a gap between Toro Trippi and Fire in the Wind, stewards Scott Chaney, Kim Sawyer and Tom Ward opted to award a dead-heat.