07/03/2008 11:14AM

Holiday Lineup


There are 16 graded stakes at four tracks over the three-day holiday weekend, including seven sprints and six grass stakes. Nine of the 16 are carded for Saturday, including all five of the Grade 1's:

With the holiday falling on Friday, tracks took different approaches with their schedules. Belmont and Churchill spread their stakes out over the three days, while Hollywood put all its graded eggs in the Saturday basket, making this a rare July 4th itself without a Grade 1 on the menu.

There's a $49k carryover for Thursday's Belmont card, but I'll be passing and instead entertaining my mother, who arrives this afternoon for a holiday-weekend visit. If we can get a double-carryover into Friday, though, where the First Flight and Tom Fool will be part of the sequence, I'll be back in action.

Tim More than 1 year ago
I'm not feeling bad for Ron Geary, nor am I necessarily buying the argument that horsemen are squeezing him dry. If Magna can claim losses that are much, much bigger than what Geary is claiming and still be operating most of their facilities this year, why did Geary wait until the day before the meet opened to just close out of hand? He could very easily have pulled a play from the CDI handbook on killing golden geese by slashing purses by 10-15% across the board, reducing or eliminating the stakes schedule completely, reducing the purses of the marquee events, including the Gardenia, any number of things that could have minimized his losses. And if the losses after the meet were too much to bear, then he could have closed up shop. But to take his ball and go home instead of dealing with horsemen who just don't want to be shut out of the new economy that ADW is creating? To me, something's a little fishy, but I can forgive horsemen playing the only card that prevents their concerns from being heard; not so much someone who closes up shop without looking for a solution to protect his investment. As for the Prioress, Carson Hollow, Xtra Heat, Safely Kept, Capote Belle, and Pearl City are all previous winners. And the also-rans have included Heavenly Prize, Educated Risk, Harmony Lodge and Catinca. I can forgive a down year or two recently for this race with that kind of history.
callmetony More than 1 year ago
Its a landslide the 3pm start time is ridiculous ...... hopefully someone who makes decisions @ NYRA reads this...
bob m. More than 1 year ago
belmont lost my action for today as i will be heading out with kids etc for barbecues around 5 and fireworks etc... i cant imagine who's great idea it was to run at 3 pm.. i be their handle will be way down from previous july 4th.. plan on playing 7-8 races at monmouth instead..
AndyScoggin More than 1 year ago
Congrats to the CristBlog--first time hitting 100 comment mark the other day!
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
Under what logic is NYRA going with the 3pm post today? All i can figure is they know the Hollywood card sucks and they want the west coast action. Employees and horsemen disgruntled, rightfully so.
Wayne80 More than 1 year ago
First leg of CO not easy, as solid a NY Bred MSW race as you will find. Jerkens filly was bet like a really good thing and has to be on the ticket. Clements charge might be turf meant eventually, but has worked well enough for a hot trainer. Aformentioned Not A Peep, Prade up, looks like might want more distance despite all those sprint influences. Hernandez' filly is bred to win early. And Contessa and Miceli know how to win early. All?
walmatt More than 1 year ago
the folks at NYRA who scheduled the 3:00 post may not have realized the 4th of July was being celebrated on the 4th of July...some times things like this sneak by them
KWiley More than 1 year ago
The strategy of the Ky. horsemen really seems to be working. First, block the signal from Calder and Churchill, lose 30% of the purses. Now, block the signal from Ellis Park and watch the Park close and they lose all the races and monies. Really good strategy. LOL I don't blame Geary at all for closing.
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
I'm Monmouth bound for my now nearly annual July 4 visit. I'm waiting for your comment on the smashing workout Big Brown had the other day.
beerbelly More than 1 year ago
Friday BELMONT Race 4 The first leg of the double CO P6. State bred 5F sprint. #2 NOT A PEEP The tail-female family going back 5 generations have bloodlines that scream SPRINT. Add IN REALITY genes in the sire line, FAPPIANO DNA in the BMS line & a competent trainer. The works aren't too shabby either. Good luck all.