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Hialeah Park (cont.) - a photo album from 2010


Hialeah Park photo album: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Photographs from a visit in early 2010...during the inaugural Quarter Horse meet.

Above: Bougainvillea petals scattered on historic steps.

Above:  The gateway to Sunny Jim Lane in background.

Above:  Nashua is one of the many immortal Thoroughbreds to run at Hialeah.  Among his wins was the 1955 Flamingo.  Others on the Flamingo honor roll include Tim Tam, Citation, Bold Ruler, Buckpasser and Northern Dancer....not bad!

Above:  Detail of the Flamingo Fountain.

Above:  Closeup detail of bougainvillea trellis and closed section of the grandstand.  The track suffered significant damage not only due to lack of use, but also due to hurricanes - notably Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  Wilma was the third of three category-5 hurricanes that year.

Above/below:  Does anyone know what this platform/stage was used for?  It is, or was, out behind the Flamingo Fountain.  I love its look, patterns and the color scheme.  I'm picturing bands there, or plays, but I have no idea what it really is/was.

Above:  Just inside the entrance, at left, under the pink awning, the wonderful gift shop beckons....

Above:  Every day during the season, after the fourth race is made official, these wondrous birds take flight to the tune of "Flight of the Flamingos."  Go see it for yourself.  Take in the remarkable history and beauty that abound at Hialeah.  It's worth the trip.

Hialeah Park photo album: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Mike Dennis More than 1 year ago
Great photos! Does anyone know if there was a restaurant at Hialeah Park around 2012? And if so, do you remember what it was called? And what kind of a restaurant was it? Expensive, family restaurant, medium-priced?
Matt More than 1 year ago
My family lived in Kendall south of Miami from fall of 76 until spring of 78 and the daily local tv horse racing show caught my attention. I became obsessed and fixated on horse racing more than any 12, 13 year old should ever be....to the point where I read handicapping books and periodicals, charted my pics for for months on end, and convinced my parents to go to Calder, Gulfstream, and Hialeah as often as possible (and bet $10 on one race for me each time, since one had to be 18 to attend back then). Hialeah was the one I ever was able to tour...I had forgotten about the aquarium...and was also able to attend a yearling sale. It''ll always stand as one of the most beautiful facilities I've experienced in my life.
MyBig Red More than 1 year ago
Dear Barbara: Please would you consider doing a photo book on Hialeah with your awesome photographs?? I believe a photo book would help educate others about the history & beauty of Hialeah Racetrack. I know I would purchase several, for me and my friends. FYI: Secretariat spent his winters, training at Hialeah, even though he never raced there.
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Didn't mean to confuse anyone, so I'll stand by "If you were at the Citation statue looking north it would have been to the left or NW of the grounds" in regards to the old aviary - there was only one. On further review, it was NOT behind the "Gift Shop" doors which were under the Grandstand. It was awhile ago. And "Let it Ride" is a great, and perceptive, movie. Often we would watch our last bet from just opposite the 1/4 pole. If we won we could walk back and cash, if not it was a fifty foot walk to the tunnel which went under that 3 F chute and out to the parking lot that was behind those tall hedges, that you see in the old famous races, behind the far turn. There used to be a sax player playing there with open case for gratuities, and we all know that gratuities make the world go around. Thanks!
Louie Dula More than 1 year ago
that platform WAS used for concerts. Bands would play up there and I think they even had some talent shows going on up there also. It's since been torn down, which is very sad as it was such a part of the old Hialeah. I was at Hialeah this past weekend and was sad to see it torn down along with the old aviary and aquarium buildings. Even sadder for me was to see the little tree that grew on top of the elevator shaft on the North end of the building gone. I've taken photos of that tree since it started growing up there, I was hoping they would save it. At Christmas time one of the employees there would put lights on it. They have re-planted alot of the other palms and trees they had to take out and they put them over on the Northwest corner of the property so I'm glad they could save some of those. Let's just HOPE that they can get The Breeders Cup to come there, it would be so wonderful for Hialeah. Thank you for your gorgeous photos of such a beloved track. Hialeah is my favorite place in the world to be. You should do a photo book of Hialeah so people who haven't been there could see it through your eyes. There is a wonderful book that was written about Hialeah and of course one of the BEST racetrack movies ever was filmed there.....Let It Ride... I still watch that movie every month just to see Hialeah in it's old days. I hope they'll restore the ole Turf Club to it's glory. Did you get a chance to go into the Executive Room? it's spendid with all its wood and old paintings. There is a tunnel that runs along the whole building underneath the place. And then there's the little tunnel outside by the Widener Fountain also, that was used for people who were leaving to get to the parking lot so they would be out of the cars way that were leaving the clubhouse. I hope you go back every year and take more photos for everyone to see. Thanks from a Hialeah fan!!!! >
Fred More than 1 year ago
Hi, I believe the “Gift Shop” was under the grandstand. If you went a hundred feet or so west, past “Stuttering Lou’s” hot dog stand and the fountain, there were a similar set of doors that opened up to a betting area which provided air-conditioned comfort as well as the usual food and drink. And those aviary doors were at the back, almost hidden. Certainly not obvious. I thing they had water sprayers in the aviary for a real tropical feel and there were parrots and toucans and other tropical birds as well as an area for peacocks. Go figure. I went there a long time ago, but your pictures bring so much back. I remember Hialeah as a great place that was all about great horses, and great connections, but there was so much more to it than just that. I’m glad Hialeah Park is coming back. Thanks. >
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Hi Barbara, I noticed that Sandra mentioned the aquarium. So I think I finally placed the aviary as I wandered into it quite by accident. If you were at the Citation statue looking north it would have been to the left or NW of the grounds. On one hot day when they had the late April dates we went thru those "Gift Shop" doors and there was an air-conditioned area for betting as well as "cold-ones". Off to the side was a set of doors that lead to the aviary. I mostly remember a lot of parrots although someone made reference to "Toucan Sam always knows" so... And he must have because I also remember hitting after going back to the races from the aviary on a very hot day. Thanks for this delightful trip back to HIALEAH!!! < You got me chuckling again - thanks so much! Great recollection and it's helpful in letting me picture the aviary. An aviary (and especially one that helps provide winners, ha ha)...that thought is just wonderful for a racetrack. - Barbara >>
Dorothea More than 1 year ago
Thank You so very much for sharing a little bit of Hialeah,s history with us.As always your photos are superb .
Nancy More than 1 year ago
Barbara, I just finished viewing all three parts of this photo shoot of Hialeah. Your photography is sheer poetry! Thank you so much and thank you to the bloggers who shared their heartfelt memories! I shall make it to Hialeah or my name is not Nancy! A toast to the great horses who raced there, to those yet to come and to Hialeah continuing without further threats to its longevity.
@LosPonies More than 1 year ago
Edit. *Los Alamitos race course. And *Gulfstream. Thank you again for such great images.