08/03/2007 2:26PM



I tried my best to take a stab at today's pick six. I wanted to. My NYRA Rewards July rebate showed up in my account this morning, which always feels like free money, and I was willing to lean heavily on Tsunamic in the 5th and Leo in the 7th. But even after whittling off some marginal contenders, I'm left with the following play:

Race 4: 1,3,4,5,7,8
Race 5: Main: 6 Backup: 2,11
Race 6: 1,2,3,6
Race 7: Main: 7 Backup: 1,2,3,8
Race 8: 3,4,5
Race 9: 1,4,10,11,12

That would be a main ticket of $720 and backups costing $1440 and $2880, a $5040 total investment that's about 10 times as much as I feel like spending. I suppose I could just put in the main ticket, but I would never allocate $720 to a straight win parlay of Tsunamic and Leo, so why do it here?

So I'm passing, rooting against myself, and hoping for a double-carry into Saturday. Doing the chicken dance again.

Another nice handicapping job by the weather guys, who predicted an afternoon-long deluge. As of 2:24 p.m., not a drop.

BombsAway Bob Grant More than 1 year ago
I'm entering my first DRF/NTRA contest Saturday @ Suffolk Downs. 15 races;W/P Bets. Two races each from Calder, Monmouth,& Del Mar; four from Suffolk(But NOT the $45k stakes in the 9th with Mr.Meso!);& Races 6-10 in your town.Any interesting "Home Run" Longshots to consider? - Good Luck & Bombs Away!~Bob Grant,Fitchburg,Ma.
Steven Crist More than 1 year ago
David, "Graveyard of Favorites" is an oldtimey sportswriter cliche that never had any basis in fact, and at some point the variation "...Champions" came into use. I think any writer who uses it other than ironically should be forced to pay a small fine.
david grossbarth More than 1 year ago
was reading your old publication 's escape section and they called saratoga the "graveyard of champions". i've been going for 35 years and exactly where is the graveyard? i know saratoga used to be called the "graveyard of favorites" but when did they build the cemetary?
Rick F More than 1 year ago
You do have to understand that meterologists get paid to lie here in Upstate NY. Just look around sometimes up here during the winter storms. Anyways, looks like you were good to go against your pick-6 but unfortunately there will be no carryover into tomorrow. Maybe you should try the Pick-6? How long do you study a program and the past performances per race before coming to conclusions on who to play and who not to?
Flop More than 1 year ago
Good move skippin 6 Meanwhile, if today were the 4th, the early P4 of 4-4-8-4 would have paid $808 on 8/4 10/4 Flop