08/03/2007 1:26PM



I tried my best to take a stab at today's pick six. I wanted to. My NYRA Rewards July rebate showed up in my account this morning, which always feels like free money, and I was willing to lean heavily on Tsunamic in the 5th and Leo in the 7th. But even after whittling off some marginal contenders, I'm left with the following play:

Race 4: 1,3,4,5,7,8
Race 5: Main: 6 Backup: 2,11
Race 6: 1,2,3,6
Race 7: Main: 7 Backup: 1,2,3,8
Race 8: 3,4,5
Race 9: 1,4,10,11,12

That would be a main ticket of $720 and backups costing $1440 and $2880, a $5040 total investment that's about 10 times as much as I feel like spending. I suppose I could just put in the main ticket, but I would never allocate $720 to a straight win parlay of Tsunamic and Leo, so why do it here?

So I'm passing, rooting against myself, and hoping for a double-carry into Saturday. Doing the chicken dance again.

Another nice handicapping job by the weather guys, who predicted an afternoon-long deluge. As of 2:24 p.m., not a drop.