08/10/2007 3:30PM



I finally took my first swing at a Saratoga carryover today, but you have to narrow somewhere and I chose to do it by sending 80 percent of my tickets through only Hesanoldsalt in the second leg. After seconds to Invasor, Corinthian, Flashy Bull and Papi Chullo, it seemed he had found a nice allowance field he could handle. But after making a menacing run at Minister's Bid and looking like a cinch to go by him, Hesanoldsalt settled for his customary spot and ran second once again. Grrr.

So I'm thinned down to a lone, thin backup ticket that starts out with a guess on two of the six firsters in the 6th race and doesn't get much thicker than that. For the record, you can root for or against the following:

Race 6: 3,4
Race 7: 3,7,9
Race 8: 1,13
Race 9: 6,7

C More than 1 year ago
Hi Steven, It looked like Jose Bracetty whipped WillNeverBend on the neck while turning for home in the 4th. Did I see that right? I'm not sure why he continued to use the whip when the horse was having such a hard time keeping his lane. The race was lost at that point anyway. About Hesanoldsalt (sorry)... It seems that Zito's recent older stakes/handicap horses are just not that great, or at least they've been way overbet: Noble Causeway, Andromeda's Hero, Sir Shackelton, Cliff's Edge, Sun King, etc. Sure, he had Birdstone, but it seems his handicap/stakes stock has been mediocre in recent years. What are your thoughts on CP West? I won't write him off yet, but I suspect he is more hype than talent. His 'sucker-horse' form already resembles the previously mentioned group, rather than a champion-caliber talent. C
Never_Bend More than 1 year ago
The horse has plagued me from the time Nick first entered him in a MSW.I believe he is capable of finishing second in a walkover.