10/27/2010 5:02PM

Hawthorne: Windy? Yes! Late-card speed bias? Guess not.


Feel for the jockeys out there today. They've got to be getting blown all over the track. We're in Day 2 of a gigantic Midwest cyclone, with wind whipping from the southwest sustained at 25-30 mph, gusts up to 45 mph. It's 65 degrees or so. Main track fast, turf firm.

The wind has led to quick quarter- and half-mile fractions in sprint races, but given final times, the main track is playing on the fast side. Dirt races 5 and 7 both featured gate-to-wire winners, one a strong farvorite, the other an 8-1 shot. Not just odds, however, but the race shape - no position changing -- that suggested  the track had started carrying speed. But in just-run race 8, it was three-deep pace-presser Weed of Wildflower home over rail-speed Share the Joy. Don't think there's anything like a strong bias.

Lone turf race had stretch-running winner in E Blue, who was up in the last jump over pace-pressing Peso. Time was in an average range despite "good" course rating.