10/20/2010 3:55PM

Hawthorne: Political hunch play paid off in race 5


This being election season, I should've paid more attention to Slick Pardoned Me, who just won race 5, a $5K starter allowance, at $19.80. Slick, I assume, is "Slick Willie," one of many less than complimentary nicknames given former president Bill Clinton. Clinton, you will recall, handed out quite a number of pardons at the very end of his second term in office, a situation much derided by politically conservative pontificators. This much I think I have figured out. What I don't know about is the owner-trainer, one Vernon Obermeier. Mr. Obermeier has won races at only a 7-percent clip for 2010, apparently while racing in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Slick Pardoned Me had been 1-11 so far in '10, but was taking a sizable class drop here, and had lost by less than a length in his last $5K starter race.

Pardon me for overlooking him.